EA Sports Server Shutdowns Hit FIFA 11, NBA Jam and More

Online support for a number of 2010 EA Sports titles is set to end next month.

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dazzrazz2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

NBA Jam ? w00t 0_o Thankfully I don't buy any sports games. I hope they are talking about NBA Jam disc based version not the On fire downloadable one

DOMination-2727d ago

I can understand the need to shut down servers. But doing it for games that only came out last year is a bit ridiculous.

I normally try and defend EA on here because I don't think they are as bad as many people make them out to be but but this would annoy me if I owned any of these games.

brish2728d ago

"EA Sports Server Shutdowns"

... and that is why I don't buy EA sports games.

RAYMEISTER2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

They're probably following 2k's lead. 2k has already shut down nba 2k12 servers. Which means the average life expectancy u can get from playing nba 2k13 (if u were to buy it now) would be about 10 months. Don't expect to play online longer than that. That means there product is a NO buy for me. If they offered LAN option on the pc side u could always use Tunngle to play online, but they don't so there's no way to play online.

torchic2728d ago

wow they shut down 2K12 servers already???

at least EA gives people 2-3 years to play online, wow. nobody can complain about EA now

and to be fair to EA they shut servers down based on what percentage of people still play online. I remember them saying that they shut servers down which make up less than 1% of traffic across all EA servers, at least that's what they say.

brish2727d ago

"nobody can complain about EA now"
- torchic

Yes we can. 2k sports are also on my "no buy" list.

Dark5tar12728d ago

They better not mean On Fire Edition.

Dark5tar12728d ago

"The decision to retire older EA titles is never easy." That's also what they said when they shut down the servers for BF2: MC.

NicSage2728d ago

I think maybe with the release of pay for your own server on BF3 this is what EA might continue to use for all games giving an option for people who want to play it online.

I'm so sick of EA and all the BS, i'm sick of a lot of publishers anymore.

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