Fujitsu to recall 287,000 Sony-made batteries

TOKYO - Japanese electronics maker Fujitsu Ltd. said on Wednesday it would recall 287,000 notebook PC batteries made by Sony Corp., bringing the number of Sony batteries recalled to more than 7.5 million.

Fujitsu last week joined a growing list of computer makers recalling Sony batteries, but did not say at the time how many batteries would be affected.

Notebook batteries recalled now tops 7.5 million.

Besides Fujitsu, Dell Inc., Apple Computer Inc., Lenovo, IBM and Toshiba Corp. have recalled the laptop PC batteries, which Sony has said can short-circuit on rare occasions, overheat and catch fire.

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USMChardcharger5906d ago

man, that total is large and growing. good thing for PS3 guys this is coming to light before they launch the PS3. that way the PS3 may avoid this fate as well.

highps35906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

N4G ftw!

DixieNormS5906d ago

I heard somewhere that the controllers will come with a rechargeable batterie in them. I wonder if these will get recalled as well. That would really suck.

bilal5906d ago

the 7.5 million battries recalled would be put into the first 7.5 million ps3 controllers....

its just a joke. (notebook pc batteries are not used for controllers)

only as*holes like TheMart, the green sh*t II, and bladestar would start flaming ps3 for this news....

BIadestarX5906d ago

hah! I guess I have become famous. Never the less don't you know that it is AGAINST THE RULES of the site to insult people like you just did by calling them "as*holes"? Since I am not at your level I will not proceed into a imature exchange of insults; I leave it to the judgent of the New4Gamers admins. Also, there is no reason why I should flame sony for manufacturing civillian C4(exploting devices) or batch the PS3(which has nothing to do with article), also by mentioning us or even mentioning the PS3 it's totally unrelated to this article and simply waste space which can be used by others that have something better to say.

Shadow Flare5906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

yeah we know that sony produced a batch of faulty batteries ages ago. who the hell cares?

can i use those batteries for anything ps3 related? Is this supposed to make me think, "Oh no, sony made some faulty batteries. I don't think i'll get a ps3 now"