Miyamoto On the Wii: "The Hardware Is Basically A GC."

The dig against the Wii is that it's pretty much a GameCube. With a new controller. But, so what? In a recent interview, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto confirms that:

"The hardware is basically a GC. We've upgraded our development tools to new versions but, you can still use GC programs as they are. With that in mind, I thought we could remake GC titles for the Wii and modify them to work with the Wii remote so that they're more fun to play."

Nodoze6201d ago

So why in the hell is a new Gamecube 250 bux? Yeah yeah it has a new controller, but if there is no significant improvement there is no wonder why the Wii is turning a profit out of the gate on the hardware. This would be akin to Sony releasing the new slim PS2 as a PS3 with the only change being the sixaxis controller.

I have a feeling the big N is in for a dissapointment with this one.

likeaboss3026201d ago

This is what I've been saying all along. $250 for a glorified Gamecube is a rip off. So it has built in wireless networking, some more ram, and a new controller. It still doesn't add up to a $150 dollar difference.

Chronical6201d ago

I dont think he should come out and says things just like that. its as if he fooled all of us. but in the specs of the Wii it does seem better then the GC. Also he looks like a fool in that picture LOL.

OutLaw6201d ago (Edited 6201d ago )

With all of the arguments that has been going on about the PS3 vs the Xbox360 I started to buy into the Wii idea. But in the beginning I didn't and this is one of the reasons. The Wii is nothing but a gimmick that's going to make a quick profit off of the lack of PS3 systems this holiday. But after the holidays that system is going to be no better than what the N64 and the Gamecube was. Thank God I came too my senses and decided not to get this system, I rather have my 360 and a PS3 before the Wii.

If anybody is interested in the Wii and you live in New York the Nintendo store here has been taking Pre orders and they still are this week.

BlindPublic6201d ago

There should be a law that prevents console makers from speaking in public, or they need to pick one guy that isn't an idiot, and has no pictures with a toy shield and sword.

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