Ni No Kuni – The Perfect Blend of Ghibli and Level 5 | Daily Joypad

DJP's Dan:

"There aren’t many gaming recipes that sound more enticing on paper than a Level 5 developed game filled with Studio Ghibli flavouring. Although Ni No Kuni has been out for a fair while in Japan (the DS version came out two years ago and the PS3 version is already a year old), the UK release has slowly crept up on us, teasing us with trailers, screenshots and more. Some people may complain that translation is taking far too long but when you get to give the game a go like we have, your complaints will slip away as you’re absorbed by the game’s fantastic world, characters and style."

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MissKitteh3115d ago

This looks awesome, I love the Studio Ghibli art style.