New Wireless 360 Entertainment Pack

Over at Australia a new Xbox 360 bundle has hit the site. Take a look at what you will get in the supposedly wireless bundle...

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Arkham5903d ago

Unfortunately the only "Wireless" feature of this bundle is the inclusion of 2 wireless controllers.

Mikey_Gee5903d ago

Not sure what prides are like over there, but here in Canada .... $698 for the 360 with

- One extra Controller $50
- Kameo $35
- Arcade Unplugged $45

THAT IS "NOT" a deal.

Local Walmart has a anniversary sale

- 360 Premium
- Charge and Play
- 1250 points

(something else, cannot remember)

Price ----> $450

T-Rac5903d ago

thats $698 AUD.... converts to $520 USD