BioShock Infinite's Canned Multiplayer Had 'Unexpected Benefits'

NowGamer: 'Ken Levine might have previously quashed any idea of multiplayer existing in BioShock Infinite but there was a time when it was a real thing.

Speaking to NowGamer, level designer for Irrational Games Shawn Elliott tells us that it was happening, but turned out it just would not have been good enough for BioShock Infinite.'

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camel_toad2225d ago

Good (Great) devs like Irrational have high standards so we don't have to have typical tacked on mp like too many games these days.

I'm glad they didn't force mp if it wasn't to their standards.

MasterD9192226d ago

Hey, people still play Bioshock 2's multiplayer...

I think it could have been good in Infinite, but no biggie.

Bathyj2225d ago

Good for them for not caving in to current trends.

Riderz13372225d ago

I got Bioshock 2 on PS Plus and I tried the multiplayer. I mean it was okay but nothing really special and I feel that the game could have done without it and all those resources could have been spent on going full force with the single player.

konnerbllb2225d ago

It was awful. The framerate and hit detection were poor. The weapons didn't feel satisfying and the way the aiming felt was different than singleplayer. It's like another studio did multiplayer.

I commend them for skipping it this time and devoting all development time into single player. That's why we play Bioshock after all.

KwietStorm2225d ago

I won't lose any sleep over it.

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The story is too old to be commented.