Sony denies PS3 overheating problems

Speaking to, Sony Europe has categorically denied reports that the PS3 hardware has suffered any problems due to overheating.

The rebuttal follows a report by Macquire Securities analyst David Gibson, who wrote that PS3 units at the Tokyo Game Show were overheating, causing concern over the stability of the console, which in turn caused Sony shares to tumble by 2.75 per cent yesterday.

"SCE can categorically deny that there's any problems with PS3 units overheating," said the company in a statement issued to

"As could be seen on the TGS floor by the tens of thousands of media and public attendees, both the hardware and software worked flawlessly," the statement concludes.

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Boink5900d ago (Edited 5900d ago )

and how do you explain the dude with the fan at tgs3?

how stupid are these people, someone from sony already said that IT DID HAPPEN, but that it was because of the conditions at the show..not the hardware itself. Sony needs to find all their PR people, put them in a room and rip out their tongues to prevent them from saying anything stupid.

sony has done more damage to themselves than MS and nintendo combined.

TheMART5900d ago

Now I actually do believe the PS3 has problems, because they deny their own earlier statement that it was due conditions at the show.

And suddenly it all ran fine? While several reporters saw how multiple times the PS3's had to be reset?

For real. Sony get real you're hurting yourself

Retard5900d ago

My god your RIGHT! If you cluster even my Xbox in a small area it'll overheat I never saw a video of this 'constant reseting.'

TheMART, why do you feel the need to glorify any of all bad PR for Sony; who cares?

ElementX5900d ago

That picture is hilarious! Very fitting indeed :)

Phil Harrison5900d ago

What a blatant lie by this guy. There were loads of picture showing Sony reps shuffling to PS3's all over the hall. One even used a convential fan, comfirming it was heating problems, and not just a software glitch.

Heat-box 360? What a joke....

Fat Onion5900d ago

The future looks grim for Sony. They better have a flawless launch with no overheating issues. I really don't think anyone will be buying Sony stock any time soon. Good luck Sony...your going to need it.

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The story is too old to be commented.