Exclusive: WipEout HD - Trailer

The game runs at a resolution of full 1080p Native @ 60 frames per second

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Lifendz4724d ago

loved Wipeout on PS1 and can't wait to see it on PS3. Hopefully we have in-game xmb by then. I want to throw on PRodigy for old times sake when playing this.

Wonderbhoy4723d ago

I'm a firestarter!

Classic soundtrack for the old school version! Can't wait for this.

TheHater4724d ago

man, I cannot wait to play this game. But it kind sucks that we only get eight maps. I hope the give us new maps after they game is release.

MorganX4724d ago

This is why I broke 360 loyalty and bought a PS3 as well. I want it now. But Sony be warned, 60fps means 60fps.

nicholascage244724d ago

a feat only possible on ps3


no need to get impatient CHamp. you heard Smooth Fr of 1080p too


Asurastrike4724d ago


It's a PSN downloadable game. 8 maps is plenty if it stays under $15

TheHater4724d ago

Wasn't this game going to be release on Blu-ray disk also? Because that is what Sony stated at E3. But I don't think this game will be 15 dollars. It is going to be more like the price of tekken 5.

Scenarist4724d ago

i was about to say with the 8 maps but then you all said psn download
Im thinking tekken price as well but i hope they come with a demo first so i know this will be worth it

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The story is too old to be commented.