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C_SoL4107d ago

Why does this video take so long to load up? Their video player sucks.

C_SoL4107d ago

Great vid. That swarm didn't look that great though. But I gotta say, those r the best water effects I've seen & the destuctible effects were real good too.

Violater4107d ago

Maybe one day I will have enough money to own both systems.
As for the engine upgrade I am impressed but will be even more impressed if non Epic studios will reap the same results.

tgh machines4107d ago

For those who are thinking that the game in the video is gears 2, its not.

socomnick4107d ago

yea its not gears 2 but it features the technologies that will be inside of gears 2. Those destructible environments were nice.

Lord Anubis4107d ago

they added some of the tech that Killzone 2 is using.

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Nicosia4107d ago

Man it looks freaking awsome! i love the soft body pysics!

jwatt4107d ago

I like the part with all the locust, I can't imagine fighting all of them though.

Nicosia4107d ago

I agee, but would be cool. Just resaw the vid. the part where he shoots at the water and the barrel is thrown... the whole athmosphere looks freaking AWSOME!

i Shank u4107d ago

heck yea. those blobs, especially the mercury-looking blob are amazing. they sure upped this engine alot

InMyOpinion4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

This video just made all other console shoothers look dated. The soft body physics and the part where they showed off the destructible environment were breathtaking.

nicholascage244107d ago

the 100 enemies that you saw were assigned some Batch AI and didnt look realistic . Those 100 enemies were basically white patch of swarm if you say.If you want 1000 enemies on screen then look at this

also look at the SDK demo of Getaway from SONY last year

It had 750 enemies on screen.

which part of the DEMO looks as good as Crisis /KZ2?

I am not being fanboyish but just tell me

SUP3R4107d ago

Honestly, the only truly amazing feature was the water physics, it looked great.

sniddles4107d ago

you're funny,

you even say "not being fanboyish". lol..
If you don't like it, you don't have a 360, so it shouldn't even matter then right??

InMyOpinion4107d ago

Haven't seen those types of physics in Killzone 2(soft body, water, lighting, destructible environments). Gears of war has already proven itself as a great game, so most of us know that Gears 2 will be something else. Can't say that about the overhyped Heavenly Sword or the first, also overhyped but better, Killzone. I'm pretty sure Gears of war 2 will be THE shooter of 2008.

GIJeff4107d ago

remember, this will be dumbed down a little for your precious xbox. The PC version will look the best, the next epic ps3 title second, and gow2 third. We should all be happier though, because the most used engine is advancing, weather or not you have the best hardware to use it. :)

PS: umm....the water looked so/so. The ripples were too under-dramatic for the size of the objects interacting. But i guess its better than nothing... I would say uncharted's water looks nicer, so does crysis. But Unreal isn't about water, so it shouldn't matter too much. It will look nice for small puddles. The destructible environments looked pretty, but killzone is doing things like that with much better lighting. I would say the best part of unreal3 engine is the fact that the performance on non specialized PCs is very good with everything it does, as opposed to crysis that looks great, but runs like crap. This new engine version looks to improve graphics by a little, on an already proven engine.

Jo0j4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

1000? that's it?

Please, in the future, the next time you feel like whipping out your e-penis. Do it in the open zone.

InMyOpinion4107d ago

I'm talking console shooters, not console games in general or PC games. The demo you saw was running on a 360 so I don't see why it has to be dumbed down. Uncharted has some cool water effects and is a great game. I have to say I was a bit disappointed though. My friend bought a PS3 a couple of days ago and also got Uncharted. Again the water looks stunning, especially on the first stage. What isn't that great is the anti-aliasing. There are lots of jaggies in the textures, and the motion blur when you move the camera isn't that appealing. The controls could need some work as well. Aiming the gun felt kinda floaty and not as good as in many other third person shoot/cover games (GoW, RB6, Graw etc). Still a good game, only not as good as I would expect after reading the PS3 fanboys endless praises. If it was a 360 game I would give it 8/10.

InMyOpinion4107d ago

Already been done on the 360 about a year before Heavenly Sword was even thought of. Ever played N3:Ninety Nine Nights?

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Vip3r4107d ago

Got to admit that looks cool. Does UT3 have all those feature too?

X_GAMER_X4107d ago

I think Gears will be pretty big this year..just like the first one.
anyone who bought the first one will buy the second i guess..
5 mill is secure and more to come..MS are really good at marketing there own games