A rough week for Nintendo (UK charts)

GamesAsylum rounds-up this week's UK charts. It's not a very good week for Nintendo, that's for sure.

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evilbart2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

With only a few hundred thousand wii u's sold in the UK and probably a lot of them sitting under christmas trees how can they compare sales of software against the xbox and ps3 with a 70 million install base.
Its simple maths i dont understand the constant wave of negative wii u articles i think the system is amazing and am really enjoying it

NonShinyGoose2965d ago

Who is comparing the sales against Xbox and PS3? There's nothing of the sort in that article.

It isn't even a purposely negative story - it's just a round-up of the UK charts. What you see in the story are facts.

Moreover, what about Paper Mario on 3DS entering at #40? There are hundreds of thousands of 3DS consoles out there now. The game has got off to a bad start so we're reporting it.

GameTechZero2965d ago

The Paper Mario series has never been a big seller in the UK (worked at a video game shop for years and this was always the case when a new Paper Mario came out in the UK). Also Nintendo have barely advertised it. I know people who love the game and had no idea a new one was coming out on the 3DS.

lazyboyblue2965d ago

40k they sold. They wish they'd sold hundreds of thousands in the uk.
You're right though, it's a great machine.

evilbart2965d ago

Your title says 'A rough week for Nintendo' when in reality the percentage of games sold to systems owned is on par with xbox and ps3 so how is it a rough week for Nintendo,it's a brand new console obviously the games are going to be low in the charts untill the install base signifinetely increses

NonShinyGoose2965d ago

The headline is "A rough week for Nintendo" because two of their games have dropped significantly and a big new release has entered at a lowly #40.

How is that *not* a rough week?

wiiulee2965d ago

haters come out of nowhere with silly articles,...last i checked the wiiu is not even a week old

MmaFan-Qc2965d ago

for a brand new console, its a bad way to start.

sorry to burst your bubble.

evilbart2965d ago

Well you would have to burst five of my bubbles you are the one with only a single bubble

NonShinyGoose2965d ago

Nintendo told Eurogamer they expected WiiU games to enter the top 5. They didn't even make top 10. For Nintendo Land to drop to 20 must be disappointing.

We're loving the WiiU so far - there's no hate here.

MsmackyM2965d ago

Dumb article, who really expects Wii U software to top charts this early in the console's life.

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The story is too old to be commented.