Superman screens return

Five new shots of the Man of Steel in action

The only thing going for Superman Returns (the game) at the moment is that it was delayed a good six months for some extra tweakage. That means it'll be a bit better than what it would have been if it came out alongside the movie in May.

EA has been super quiet about the movie-tie in for some time, but the silence has been shattered with five new shots.

The game's now slated for release next to the DVD movie release this November on pretty much every platform out there. All things going well...

Check out what must be 360 shots right here

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drewlusk5907d ago

For some reason this game looks like it is going to be crap. I am a big Superman fan and I should be excited but I have not seen anything to get me to buy this game.

Grown Folks Talk5907d ago

look at the previous history for superman games, or superheroes in general. not a good track record overall. i liked sunsofts batman for nes and the spider man games for xbox. other than those i'll pass.

General5907d ago

Graphics look bad but the gameplay sure looks fun.

Jak4ever5907d ago

This game does look like alot of fun, but i do have a feeling that its not going to fly off the shelves.

Daewoodrow5907d ago

Actually from what i've heard the game could be pretty good. You can travel around all of metropolis, not sure about loading, you can fly up towards the sun to recharge your abilities, and instead of a life meter, which is silly for superman, you have a meter for how damaged the city and public are.

headblackman5907d ago

they've got alot of work to do with this one :/ i doesnt look next gen. at all

Daewoodrow5907d ago

I could agree, it is afterall another last gen port across so they can get as much profit from it as possible, and I wont buy it for more than £30.