GDC 2008: Too Human Gameplay Blowout

GameTrailers: GDC Too Human gameplay blowout.

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zornik3893d ago

The Diablo gameplay and co-op options is an instant buy for me.The potential of this game is very high.

BenzMoney3893d ago

It looks pretty freakin' sweet.

mintaro3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

been aniticpating this game for a long time, cant wait!

mintaro3893d ago

actaully the concept is entirely different from Mass Effect, if anything it shares more of a comaparison to Diablo

OOG FunK3893d ago

Cant wait man this game has so much potential to pop out and slap everyone in the face! oooooooooo when will it grace my 360 lol

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