Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter DLC Info & Screenshots

Ubisoft's gearing up for the release of Chapter 2, a giant downloadable content addon for their best-selling title, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and to whet your appetite for the premium pack here is a list of its contents, plus three screenshots from the new co-op campaign, and three screenshots from the new Adversarial arenas:

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Wotbot5831d ago

Love this game, and the extra pack will be cool.

FamoAmo5831d ago

When are these map's coming out. GRAW is an awsome game!! Does anyone know when this releases?

speed5831d ago

hopefully the end of June like the article says, but I would count on a few delays

FamoAmo5831d ago

Thanks bro. I am at work so I can't view the whole article. I hope their is no delay's. I heard 1 of the levels is gonna be like Rocky Cove but at night time. I am glad to hear about the co-op that is fun. This is the best game released so far for the 360.

96impala5831d ago

I love this game too, I was actaully playing around with it a little earlier today. I don't have xbox live just yet but i will maybe the end of the month or so. Cant wait.