SONY to present the PLAYSTATION 3 platform at Digital Scarborough 2006.

A new games platform always presents new challenges and opportunities for game developers. Igor Makaruks of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, introduces the PLAYSTATION 3 at Digital Scarborough 2006 - a new state-of-the-art entertainment platform from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. due for launch next year. This technical presentation will provide an overview of the system architecture including the Cell processor and the new graphics processor (RSX) along with the Blu-ray storage medium. It will also include information about the new development tools and is aimed to give potential developers and new media companies an insight into PLAYSTATION 3 title development.

Show takes place on Saturday 14th October 2006:

TALK 1 - Developing for PLAYSTATION 3 (with 30 minute Q&A Session)

TALK 2 - PLAYSTATION 3 Technical Overview & Graphics Demonstration

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