New DOAX2 details

There's so much pre-rendered content in Dead Or Alive X2 that it's filled up an entire DVD, according to Team Ninja's Tomonobu Itagaki.

Speaking in Famitsu Xbox 360, in an article partially translated by IGN, Itagaki also said that the game was now 80 percent complete, with start and end sequences finalised.

The preview also revealed for the first time that the game will feature multiple hotels, with your choice of character sending you to a particular location based on their personality. Elena, for example, prefers the five-star Gemstone Suite, but there's also the Seabreeze Cottage hotel near the beach and Moonlight Reef, which appeared in Kasumi's Dead Or Alive 4 end sequence.

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Marty83706197d ago

This is why Microsoft should have gone with a Nex Gen format from the off.DVD9 simply is'nt big enuff for Nex Gen Games.This is proof.

Daewoodrow6197d ago

There is no proof until we move onto a second DVD. And even then, two DVDs doesn't mean DVD is obsolete.

Besides, what good is DOAX2 being able to fit on a Bluray disk if it's not coming to the PS3. Like so many other games.

bilal6197d ago

its about filling the disk with so many detailed models of clothing that took all the space...
2 of the 3, 360 cores would be rendering the cloth
the 3rd core would be doing everything else:!

rmgst6197d ago

Looking at those screenshots, there's not a whole lot of clothing to render... maybe one core to handle the breasticles physics and the other for the hair.


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Null2674d ago

Where is fallout 4's ending with SHAWN?


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