PS3-PSP connect-demo at CETEC 2006 - with conflicting reports

Because TGS 2006 isn't big enough for more syrupy PSP and PS3 goodness, Sony demoed the "Remote Play" functions of the two at CETEC JAPAN 2006. And GameWatch and Famitsu were both there to cover it all, and tell all about it. Also, as PSPVault found out, they both came away with radically different ideas of how Remote Play Works.

GameWatch says that Sony says that the PS3 will "throw" (yep, "throw") its video signal to the PSP using Wi-Fi. This means that the PSP can be used to control and see the related PS3 game, making the handheld sort of a Location-free PS3 - minus the six-axis motion-sense, right analog stick, and two shoulder buttons, though.

UrbanJabroni6350d ago

Which seems more likely to be true:

A) The playstation can be controlled with the psp (while submitting video signal), using a bi-directional Wi-Fi interface to transmit your control over a race car travelling at 200mph plus.

B) You can transmit special content to the psp and play it on a psp.

I know "A" sounds cool, but you've got to admit "B" is MUCH more realistic given the current state of wi-fi.

THE TRUTH6350d ago

I really don't care about which is more likey, just give me downloads of PS1 games like FF7, tobal, and castelvenia: SOYN and I'm all good!

FeralPhoenix6350d ago

Honestly that whole news article just left me more confused, I guess I'm just slow.....can anyone clarify what this article means in a nutshell?

calderra6350d ago

It means that once again, Sony demoed the download service, and it made absolutely no sense to anyone watching, so they made up their own interpretation.

See also: TGS when they "demoed" the download service, but didn't in fact actually ever show the PS3 downloading to the PSP. They just had a PS3 setting beside a PSP with a Ridge Racer demo playing.

At least we know it's working now... the question is: what exactly is it doing?

FeralPhoenix6350d ago

yeah, I remember that.....that article was hilarious, but it sounded like Sony actually showed it DOING SOMETHING this time. I want to know what these guys were saying will be the exact interaction between the PSP and PS3???


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