Activision confirms another new Guitar Hero for 08

The Answer's track "Never Too Late" selected for inclusion in secretive title.

Activision has confirmed that the four-piece rock band The Answer will feature in an upcoming version of Guitar Hero.

At an exclusive listening session at the recent Midem conference in France The Answer's track "Never Too Late" was selected ahead of 200 other songs entered in the event.

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Silellak4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

Activision is apparently in a race with EA to see who can run their franchises into the ground first.

EA has the experience, with Madden and countless others, but clearly Activision has the will and the determination to take the title.

Personally, I think EA will take the crown. They've destroyed classic, historic gaming franchises like Ultima and Wing Commander. Even if Guitar Hero dies, we'll still have Rock Band.

TheExecutive4165d ago

I personally wont be buying the new guitar hero. They dont support it enough after it releases and frankly the game itself isnt worth 60 bucks. Its the same stuff just a few different songs.

Salvadore4165d ago

I wouldn't mind if they released a Metallica special edition or of that kind, but to just milk on the franchise and offer very little in features is very EA-ish.

TimEdwards4165d ago

they should just release a load more songs for GH3

the ones on the marketplace at the moment are pretty average bar the foo fighters and I was surprised how little there were.

GodsHand4165d ago

True that. RockBand has over shadowed Guitar Hero with DLC. Why even bother putting DLC feature in the game, if you just plan on releasing a new game ever year.

BTW, dont forget the extra bonus songs in the Aerosmith GH game, like you(Activision) did in Rock the 80's.

Amp4165d ago

yes, and EA will release another madden, news at 11:00

bigjclassic4165d ago


they'll be making these yearly like Madden.

Amp4165d ago

sorry, you beat me to the madden reference- props

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The story is too old to be commented.