Wii, $50 too Expensive?

Editor-in-chief at IGNcube: "So I'll tell you exactly what I told both Perrin Kaplan and Reggie Fils-Aime when they asked me the same question, which is, I believe Wii is $50 too expensive and three weeks too late.

As a gamer, I want Wii to sell for $200 for a number of reasons. It has about one tenth the processing prowess and one fifth the RAM of, say Xbox 360, and it also lacks a true hard drive. It doesn't play DVDs. It doesn't play music CDs. Yes, you read that correctly and yes, it's true. In fact, in many ways, it could be called a turbo-charged GameCube. So why the $249 price point?

Well, there are certainly reasons for it. It's easy to shrug off Wii as the least powerful of the three consoles, but consider what Nintendo has done. Wii is roughly half the size of GameCube and it still packs twice the power. It has roughly double the processing prowess, approximately double the RAM, an additional 512MBs of useable flash memory, built in 802.11b/g wireless capabilities and a full docking station for GameCube controllers. The console is backward compatible, in fact, with every GCN title ever made. And I haven't even mentioned its Wii Channels system or, most importantly, the Wii controller, which could represent one of the biggest hardware innovations the industry has seen in years.

Still, Nintendo says it's going after the mainstream audience so I want to see it really do that from the start, and a $249 price point is not quite mainstream enough. This is especially true when you consider that many Wii games are designed to be enjoyed by multiple players and each separately sold Wii remote will cost buyers $39.99 plus another $19.99 for the nunchuk attachment. Add in a classic controller or two and all of a sudden we're well beyond the $300 price point – just so that mom and dad can play Wario Ware."

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eques judicii5907d ago

I totally agree with what this author wrote... I've done some adding of my own.. now its not a knock against the wii, its a great console and going to be extremely popular... but for a HDTV owner without broadband who wants to play supersmash brothers and wario ware this is the breakdown

Wii: 249.99
3 wii-motes: 119.97
3 nunchaku: 59.97
4 classic controllers: 79.99
wario ware: 49.99
super smash bro brawl: 49.99
component add-on: 59.99
ethernet add-on: 29.99

total: 699.85 (+ 8.8% WA state sales tax yuck ><)

I'm not saying that its cheaper than the other consoles, but for someone who already owns a 360 its a lot to pay to achieve what i want the wii for... If things were cheaper say... the wii was under 200 and the controllers were around 40 total (including nunchuku) then I would be there on day one.

eques judicii5907d ago

EDIT: sorry... i meant without wifi not without broadband ;-)

Vistrix5906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

Sorry but why would you buy 8 controllers? You dont need the classic controllers.
You're including 3 games too which is obviously going to be alot more expensive on any console.
Wii is still one of the most cheapest launch consoles ever made. If you want all the addons and 3 games to play on it on launch day, any console will be as expensive, if not more than that.

eques judicii5906d ago

calm down, you can't use the wiimote for super smash brothers brawl... so you need the xtra controllers:

Marriot VP5907d ago

Dang son, 40 bucks for a remote and 20 for the chuck.

That's way to much to ask the supposed "casual gamer". Next gen consoles will continue to sell their majority at 200 bucks. And for the Wii it's gonna have to be lower than 250 cause that's still expensive to play wario's next hit.

Also why the heck do you have to buy an ethernet add on for 360, and component add on for 60!!! Nintendo's really milking their fanbase that's shrinking.

ChickeyCantor5906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

allot of games do not require the nunchuck ;) a casual gamer wont have to buy it when getting a nother Wii-mote.
and 250 is to much ppl say ? get over it....wasnt the n64 in the same range ? so a gamecube must be a n64 !!! en the Wii is a Gamecube!.......RIGHT!!!!!!!!! !!!!
ppl always compare stuff but forget that the console they are defending will have some problems that are equal......
when getting a will need more controllers if you want SONY isnt walmart.......controllers will be around the same price as Wii-mote+nunchuck.
plus games that will cost more then other consoles......and some extra cables...and if you want HD you need a HD TV.......... now you say Wii is expensive?......

UrbanJabroni5906d ago

Although I have every intention of getting a wii on day one, I completely agree with the article.

At $200 it is a great toy, at $250 you really have to start doing a compare/contrast of whether it is worth going for the 360. I understand the arguments about the xbox core vs premium and the need for extra components and whatnot, but the simple argument for the "one console purchasers" boils down to:

$250: Wii
$300: 360

At $200 I'd be a lot more comfortable with that idea.

calderra5906d ago

At $200, I was thinking about getting Wii on day one. Cheap, fun, and yeah- a toy.

$250 just pushes it. And you'll basically have to slap down $60 to get a "full" controller. The whole reason I wanted this system was to play it with my girlfriend, and we will need the chuck, so the base system price goes to $310.

Not to mention you have to mount the motion-sensing bar on your TV for all this to work. And that's just a hassle (we tend to keep remotes on top of the TV so they don't get lost atm). THEN it doesn't play DVDs or CDs? Blech.

Also: The first post was talking about the (probably) $20 classic controller "shell" you can slip the remote into so you can use "normal" controller functionality (as in- for straight ports of other titles that need two joysticks, etc). I'd most certainly want those, pushing my initial investment up to $350.

And there you have it- my initial investment in the Wii would be $350, plus the hassle of installing the lightbar. For that price, I could own a core 360 and a spare controller. And I'll trade the lightbar for a memory card, thanks.

There's just no real reason to get a Wii anymore, compared to 360 anyway. Wii60 is dead, frankly, and I'm not happy about that.

eques judicii5906d ago

the classic controller is not a shell, it is a whole other controller, take a look:

kewlkat0075906d ago

Can I buy the nunchucks for my Gamecube so I can have a Wii,?