Halo 2 Vista videos

Two gameplay videos of the Vista version of Halo 2

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soccerstar6202d ago

Cant wait to get this for my pc


20 Best Xbox Games of All Time

Its time to look at the best Xbox games on Microsoft's first original giant box and remember some classic we haven't heard from in years.

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darthv72188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

I'd add an honorable mention of Outrun 2. That is a fantastic arcade racer, I'd say even better than the 2006 Coast 2 Coast.

cthulhucultist187d ago

At least Project Gotham has not been forgotten this time!

Doom 3 was also an impossible port and fun to this day (1080p 60fps on Switch revisited and had a blast).

Far Cry instinct also impressed graphically


Jade Empire was also very good


13 Best Swords in Video Games

GF365: "There is a multitude of magnificent weaponry in video games and using a sword in a game is something fans adore. So here are the best swords in video games. I decided to include some of the less obvious picks as well."

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-Foxtrot273d ago


I knew for a fine fact anything Final Fantasy related it would be the Buster Sword

Anything from FF7 is the best obviously /s

porkChop273d ago

The gunblade really should have been on here. Some of the choices are odd. Witcher 3 getting two entries for example.

Nacho_Z274d ago

From's Claymore is the best sword in videogame history.

MadLad273d ago

Anytime people bring up special swords in games, I instantly go to Umbra in Morrowind.

And yes, I know there's lore to the sword and it appears multiple times throughout the series, but it's the first time I came across it and it felt like such an insane item that you always needed to get.

Viljong273d ago

Ghost of thushima easily. Its the most stylish, brutal and beatifully animated sword game ever made. With best stance dancing combat mechanic and most satisfying combat and sword kills. The way he wips the blood off his katana in swift motion before he unseath the blade. The way you move katana in this game is art in motion. Its so beatiful even the sounds are bold and spot on. You cant compare elden ring/souls games to got when it comes to swords and sword choreography. Elden ring combat is unrealistic and most basic shit compared to ghost of thushima. Elden ring swordplay: roll,roll,roll, light/heavy attack with like 3 different animations. With zero interactivity in sword combat with enemies. Elden ring sword combat is accurate as it is
in world of warcraft. Enemy A.I is on same level than world of warcraft mob aswell. They dont even do anything than stand and wait for you. They even hold torches at day time just copy pasted models in an empty world. Goty my ass.

ManMarmalade273d ago

I always loved the Dragon Buster in Legend of Dragoon

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Twitch Streamer JerValiN Beats Halo 2 LASO Without Dying, Making History

"Twitch streamer and Halo 2 speedrunner JerValiN has managed to accomplish something that was once believed to be impossible: a deathless run of Halo 2 on Legendary difficulty, with all Skulls on..."

"By successfully finishing this challenge, JerValiN has completed the $20,000 bounty issued by popular Twitch streamer MoistCr1TiKaL to beat Halo 2 LASO without dying."

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luidoom418d ago

That’s awesome! As with all these types of challenges, it always makes me wonder if someone did this ages ago, just didn’t have a way to show “proof” that they did.

zachyBROosevelt417d ago

TDang who was the one person to dislike every comment? “No Accomplishments”!