Lumines II coming to PSP on November 7 with 100 new puzzles

Lumines II is coming on the new release date November 7th and will feature more than 100 all-new puzzles! Check out the new wallpapers too.

If you're not familiar with Lumines, the gameplay goes like this: With 2X2 blocks dropping from the top of the screen, you have to move and rotate them to create same-color squares, eliminating as many of them as you can in the process.

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Lumines & Lumines II Not Coming To PSN

Sadly Q Entertainment had some bad news for all you portable puzzle fans today. Lumines I & II will not be on PSN any time soon.

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saint_john_paul_ii5295d ago

that makes no sense. the compilation of the disc is the same as the digital Download.

why wouldnt you want your game on the PSN store? you cut off the middle man and make more profit from both a real store and a Digital Download store.

Berserk15295d ago

Part of the initial success of the PSP was Lumines, a stunningly inventive music-synced puzzler that’s since seen various ports on various platforms. The original’s still the best, though, but if you were expecting to be able to play it on your PSPgo any time soon you’re mistaken, as Q Entertainment’s Twitter has highlighted the reasons behind the absence of the game on the PSN Store, especially frustrating for me as I love the game.

“We would love to bring Lumines/Lumines II to the PSN store,” they said, “but there are complications, music licensing, was published by Namco, etc… It’s just not as simple a matter of slapping Lumines I/II up on PSN as it seems. The songs “Shinin’” and “Lights” were licensed for the UMD version of the game. To repurpose the game for PSN, we’d need to re-license, etc. And since Bandai Namco is the publisher of Lumines I, it’s basically up to them to put on PSN.”

“We’d love to see it as a PSN game, though!”

hatchimatchi5295d ago

i bought the lumines game that's on the psn cause i've heard so many great things about it but i really don't see what all the fuss is about. I don't really care for it to be honest. The music is nice but i don't like how the puzzle system is set up. I think my problem is that i suck at it. I can never get past the 4th song.

jams_shop5295d ago

I guess, Q Entertainment's Marketing Executive failed business class. Maybe he/she never went to college. Who knows...?


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About: Top Puzzle Games for PSP

About writes: "The PSP and puzzle games are a perfect fit. By nature, puzzle games tend to be best played in short sessions, which works well with the PSP's portability. Consequently, there are quite a few puzzlers available for the PlayStation Portable. Here are some that I've played and enjoyed. I'll update this list as I find new games I think are worth mentioning, so check back from time to time."

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Cajun Chicken5522d ago

Import 'XI Colliseum' from Japan, its basically a PSP port of PSone's Devil Dice, one of the best PSP puzzle games out there. Also, Echochrome is fatally missing.

Might check out Cube, looks a bit like Kula World.

Barreldragon005522d ago

They missed Crush its my favorite puzzle game on the psp. Crush is a puzzle game where you turn the 3D world in to 2D to solve the puzzles.

xabmol5522d ago

Cool story too. Kinda weird for a puzzle game, huh?