We don't need the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4

GameZone writes, "It's an inevitable truth that we will see new gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony sometime in late 2013. My view may be the minority, but I don't think we need a new Xbox or PlayStation console, unlike some people in the industry. I'm sure a lot of gamers want a new console just because it's something new to own, but I have a few problems with new consoles and the argument for them. Before you completely write me off, just let me explain my point of view."

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Hatsune-Miku2143d ago

Speak for yourself. Core gamers need next gen consoles the ps4 and xbox 720. I've wanted these new consoles since over a year ago and I'm looking forward to the upgraded tech of everything to enhance realism

LOGICWINS2143d ago

No one NEEDS consoles. That would suggest that you require them to survive. WANTING next-gen consoles is a different story.

If your a core gamer, then you would understand that upgraded tech and enhanced realism come at the expense to greater development costs. The more a game costs to make, the less creative leeway devs will be given because publishers will want them to focus on creating guaranteed hits(Halo, COD, Halo imitator, COD imitator etc.)

zebramocha2143d ago

@logic Then explain crysis1? And I heard that games start out with these high poly character then made to run on consoles.

JoGam2143d ago

Dude your comment...needs, ain't that deep.

ozzywazzy2143d ago


Obvious and unnecessary. Stop trying so hard. Its clear your not a learned man.

nrvalleytime2143d ago


2 Thoughts:

1. I've seen LOGICWINS make insightful comments in several forums and discussions. Don't accuse someone based on one statement and without actually addressing what he has said.

2. Speaking of learned - It's, not its. And you're, not your.

Anon19742143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Logicwins couldn't be more spot on. It takes tremendous resources for developers to push hardware and even this gen, few developers can do it effectively. New hardware isn't suddenly going to change that because the hardware isn't the bottleneck for most devs.

And, like logic stated, the more money that becomes invested in a product, the less chances will be taken. We don't only see this in videogames. Many in the movie industry have commented in the past how ballooning budgets rob them of their creative freedom as everyone becomes involved to try to protect their investments. Video games aren't different in that regard. Even when the new gen arrives, don't expect too much.

R6ex2143d ago

I could no longer wait for the PS4 & Xbox 720, so I dumped my PS3 and Xbox 360 for a high-end PC last year. Everything looks so much better!

ILive2143d ago

Its not the developers, but the people who consistently buy the cod and the halo's. Publishers would always play it safe when they know people are going to jump on the perpetual sequels without thinking " hey didn't I just play this last year and the year before."

Hydrolex2143d ago

YESSSSSSS We don't need those crappy consoles

all We need is WII U ! It's perfect.... NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

ShaunCameron2143d ago

Not just that but also the fact that the core market is stagnant which means even if the game does sell, a good portion of whatever revenue it generates will get eaten up by the costs resulting in less profit. And this is why the industry NEED the casual crowd.

Razmossis2143d ago

GTAV and MGS Ground Zeroes.

^^ Right now I couldn't care less about "next-gen".

pixelsword2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

The key is if the software language is coded as efficiently as is can be for the technology they serve.

Since there was no breakthrough in hardware that allowed the use of GPGPU techniques, GPGPU coding can be done on the PS3 and 360 as well as the Wii U. The bad part is (and good part[in terms of extending the console life]) GPGPU as we know it has not been utilized on any console in a large way much at all at this time. In a way, on the PS3 is has been done more, but just in reverse in that the "GP" of the GPGPU has been done on the Cell and not the RSX (GPU).

The problem is that a lot of games haven't been optimized for use on the cell processor; which is why you get games like Black ops that isn't really as graphics intensive as a game like, say God of War, but doesn't run as efficiently when compared with God of War. The first big secret of the cell is that you run all of the heavy work through the cell, you would have plenty of ram for other things to do just like Julian Eggebrecht said... but the second theoretical part is that even when you do that, if after you run everything through the Cell you apply principles of GPGPU techniques to the RSX you should be able to have games that should be able to do the fabled 1080p, 60fps on games larger than the boards of Lair with no problem.

This is best guess here, but IF (a huge-frickin' if) someone comes up with an algorithm or efficient enough code to streamline the physics code and/or vector calculations coming to the cell to the degree that the code can ignore the RSX altogether (what I think the ultimate purpose of having the Cell-RSX setup was in the first place) you should have very efficient numerical data coupled with graphics code that has been bounced from the cell back to the RSX to be manipulated as GPGPU code, which should run very fast and even better with a higher resolution.

Basically, Cell for all of the math (if possible) RSX, ram for everything else (which should give you an even larger playground once GPGPU principles are applied).

kupomogli2142d ago


Not to be of any offense, while the word and can be capitalized and used at the beginning of a sentence, your usage of the word is not one of those times.

Everyone makes mistakes. I'm sure that I've made a mistake or two in this very post.

nrvalleytime2142d ago


Grammar side, the word "and" can be used as I used it above for emphasis. Intentional fragments are rarely used, but I was purposeful above.

You're right, however - everyone makes mistakes. My issue pertained more to the spirit of the message. The grammar was just a bonus. :-)

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Felinox2143d ago

I remember when I saw Battlefield 3 on a gameing rig. That's when I was ready.

Hellsvacancy2143d ago

Just look how crappy AC3 looks on the PS3, I knew then that id had enough of this gen

Im going to buy a PC after Xmas Ive decided

Septic2143d ago

Agreed. When I first booted up BF3 on my PC and played (Damavand Peak was the map), my jaw hit the floor. I couldn't believe it.

In fact, I'm off to play it now lol.

Godmars2902143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Devs might "need" faster processors and more RAM, simpler system architecture, to deliver on promises made this gen which went quickly forgotten, but gamers have pretty much proven they'll take whatever they're given.

People wouldn't have bitched about Kinect, Blu-ray and an UD-DVD add on among other crap otherwise.

Godmars2902143d ago

The attitude towards it. That community and even industry negativity still lingers towards it.

GuyThatPlaysGames2143d ago

Think about it, even if the games were more "realistic" as you would say, the core gameplay is failing. Look at all the graphical powerhouse games. Almost all have failed once people look past the shiny new graphics. Only childish people want the next shiniest thing to look at but will be the first to complain when they realize the games suck. Answer this, what is something that can be done on next gen that just can't possibly be done right now??

MysticStrummer2142d ago

It's funny that anyone agreed with Conzul since Watch Dogs will be on current consoles. The question is what can be done next gen that can't be done now on consoles. Graphics fall into the shiny object category that Mike mentioned. A better answer would be Planetside 2 or BF3 with the bigger maps and player count.

TBlank202142d ago

Exactly! You spoke my mind.

aquamala2143d ago

Look at BF3, AC3, Far Cry 3 on a gaming PC and tell me you don't want that on a console!

bloodybutcher2143d ago

sure we do!at least i do.but i would settle for current gen visuals, just with more ram.6gb would be good already, compering to what we have now on consoles.

vortis2143d ago

Also, how about games like DayZ and Planetside 2? Big games that are memory hogs because of how much content they have on-screen at once?

We can't have nice things on consoles like that until we get new hardware. So yeah, I want new hardware.

2pacalypsenow2143d ago

Next consoles wont look that good those game require high end cards to max out and those cards cost around 300-400$

Ares84HU2143d ago

Whoever wrote this I got something to tell you:

You don't need to buy next-gen consoles when they come out. You can stick with X360 and PS3 for the rest of your life but we both know that you will be first in line next year the get either one of the next-gen consoles buddy.

geddesmond2143d ago

Yeah same here. Its funny cause if fools who write articles like this take a look at games like Far Cry 3 on consols and then see the game run on maxed out settings for the PC would they still say we don't need next gen or that graphics and performance ain't everything.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2143d ago

Title should be... "Why I don't want the Durango or PS4."

Amsterdamsters2143d ago

Being a "core gamer" has absolutely nothing to do with "needing" prettier graphics. If the next Xbox or PS don't add something other than prettier graphics that is actually useful in the game playing experience, then we don't "need" those systems...though, you might "want" them.

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NintyJazz2142d ago

PC games now probably have better graphics than what the ps4 or 720 have.
Not a fanboy, not even a pc gamer, just saying the truth.

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Eazy-Eman2143d ago

and we both know hearts can change

bloodybutcher2143d ago

and it's hard to hold a candle

Hanuman2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

in the cold november November rain.

We've been through this such a long long time

nrvalleytime2143d ago

tryin' to kill the pain

But lovers always come and lovers always go

Wintersun6162143d ago


Sorry to be the combobreaker, but in this case

"But haters always come and haters always go"

would be more appropriate considering the title of this opinion piece of shit.

NYC_Gamer2143d ago

I'm very much looking forward to upgraded hardware and features...PS4/720 will be good for developers since they would have more power to work with.

Riggans422143d ago

Is it a good thing for them? Or will more games be rushed and we'll see super HD remakes of old games. I want new consoles, but I also want devs and pubs to change their practices.

LOGICWINS2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

What we're going to see is a lot of JRPG devs/publishers(Sega, Level 5, Altus) moving to the PS Vita. Altus has already showed much interest in the console(P4: The Golden) because dev costs remain low. The Yakuza/Persona series have proven that a game doesn't need the latest tech to be incredible.

The next-gen will be more money focused than any other generation to date. Online multiplayer will be shoehorned into more games and we'll be seeing much more season passes.

richierich2143d ago

I think that its about time now for PS4 and next Xbox

Eyeco2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

yes realistically all 3 next gen consoles should have been released by now, let alone revealed