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DJ5910d ago

Yes, I know it's multiplayer, but intelligent enemies makes the game feel significantly more exciting. Still no environmental damage, but the blood and gore makes MK look weak by comparison.

TheMART5910d ago

First off it's funny to see DJ you're always one of the first on Gears articles/video's posted. It seems like you, just as some other Sony fanboys, are scared about the greatness of Gears.

Then your comments, let's break them down one for one.

Intelligent enemies. The single player demo's and video's you saw were dev's walkthroughs. They set the intelligence on a low level to be able to go to a level fast. For testing and to keep a demo going, not being slaughtered by Locust while needing to show a level.

Then, the environmental damage. Who is saying everything needs to be destroyed like you get with Resistance? I had it in Black on the original XBOX. While fun at first: look what I can shoot down around me, got boring and giving too much going on on the screen in the end.

If those are the strongest points you can mention, it's a pretty weak statement overall.

Now enjoy the video's and just say it with me: Gears of War will be the killer app to have this Christmas and well into next year!

Daewoodrow5909d ago

actually MART, DJ has improved lately. He still gives false evidence to back up the less intelligent people's Fanboy claims on the 360, but he makes an effort to look at positive things on both sides.

Those little jibes he makes like the one about environmental damage still bother me though.

MoonDust5910d ago (Edited 5910d ago )

That looks gooD! Hopefully you will be able to customize your creature/character.

power of Green 5910d ago

Well they're scared.
DJ - 55 Minutes ago | Let him/her speak
It's what cornered animals do all the time: lash out any way they can. yep!

eques judicii5910d ago

This game looks awesome~~~ i can't believe how intense the gameplay looks. Great find mart.

To those who say that the environment is not destructible... remember that they are firing bullets into concrete and metal... all you get are little holes (in real life) its not until you carpet bomb or use larger explosive rounds that things start to get destroyed and so far besides from small handgrenades nothing has been shown to be that big...

The point of the game is close quarters combat and shooting down buildings with pistols doesn't accomplish this.

original seed5910d ago

It will be sweet if you can also betray your teamates. I love playing with friends and then turning on them when they need me most. I would also like to customize my character.

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The story is too old to be commented.