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Relcom3988d ago

reminds me of the good ol' Diablo 2 days

sonarus3988d ago

that is BY FAR the best too human trailer i have seen. I have been very critical of this title but looks like i may have been wrong. Good luck to them if they can average an 8.5 they will earn my 8bucks from best buy for a rental

hazeblaze3988d ago

I think they should be able to manage an 8.5... I hope. It still looks a little boring to me for some reason... but it definitely looks better than the earlier trailers.

My main concern is the look of the game though... the visuals aren't even nearly as impressive as I thought they were supposed to be. Last gen all xbox games pretty much played the same... this gen all 360 games pretty much look the same :-?

kevoncox3988d ago

I don't get it. It looks great and the depth looks there.

poos33987d ago

this game is what an rpg should be innovative not using the same formula over and over and over again like games like final fantasy,this game is diablo at heart then it has ng2/dmc type action this game will become a classic and may get goty 2008.

wow143987d ago

I'll reserve my own review-score guesses until I play the demo at least.

Clearly Silicon Knights has delivered the goods, the people seeing the previews have been saying great things. These two trailers look spectacular.

I've got high hopes, and Im pretty confident this will be another genre-expanding title. This art-style is almost exactly perfect for me.

I'm just excited to get my hands on the Demo.

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INehalemEXI3988d ago

Looking excellent, what they putting this under action rpg hack and slash all around kick A** genre ?

Greysturm3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

This might be the yearly title that i want from the xbox, 2006 was gears, 2007 was mass effect, 2008 looks to be too human for now but i guess ill wait for the pc version.

By the gameplay mechanics i am guessing no multiplayer. Any info?

Dr Pepper3988d ago

For multiplayer there is 4 player co-op...

Dr Pepper3988d ago

I really like what I see. The amount of customization looks huge and there looks to be a lot a variation in fighting styles. This looks pretty darn epic.


Definately. The co-op feature has me drooling already !

Nice to have a MP game that focuses on melee combat with MMO/RPG leveling & elements. Can't wait !!!

mintaro3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

all i need now is a demo.....