Splinter Cell Fishtank Gameplay

Pitch black footage from the new Splinter Cell, in which Sam Fisher murdalizes some bad guys using the power of stickymines, whistling, and cannonfodder fish.

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TheMART5910d ago

Nice the watertank and physics shown... It's a dark level but it shows much good things.

Exclusive again on 360 and love it

The Milkman5910d ago

Yea the screen was to dark to realy see anything but I did get to see a bit. Thats cool how you can use even a fish tank to set up your enemys.

joemutt5910d ago

I remember busting a fishtank, waiting for the guard to walk into the water, and firing a stickyshocker into the water to zap him, but if he is that close, why not just shoot him? Cool you can do it but not practical.

TheMART5910d ago

Not everything needs to be practical, some things are just plain fun!

Why are you drinking a beer instead of water? Water is more practical and cheaper, but beer you just like

sjappie5910d ago

I haven't heard anything about the multiplayer demo anymore. I thought it was supposed to come out on XBLM during the X06 show. Does anyone know what's up?