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Exactly How Does the PlayStation Vita Have "No Games?"

SuperPhillip Central writes, "A common statement among some gamers is that Sony's struggling handheld, the PlayStation Vita, lacks software, even going as far as saying it has zero in the way of competent games. Of course, a lot of these people are simply trolling, but the idea that the Vita is starving for content is simply a falsehood. I would like to back the falsehood statement with some games that prove that the Vita does, in fact, carry a rather robust library of software."

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Community4247d ago
RaikRhythm4248d ago

Don't forget about Ragnarok Odyssey. Soul Sacrifice will be coming soon as well.

ritsuka6664248d ago

I enjoyed Gravity Rush as much as anyone, but if Sony wanted this thing to sell they needed bigger guns. They needed a Monster Hunter, a Metal Gear, and they needed a new Final Fantasy akin to Crisis Core.Here we are coming up on a year since Vita launched and I can only think of two games coming for it in the next 6 months, Sly 4 and Ratchet. That's not good news for Vita.

AcidKill4248d ago

I can help you think of more Vita games coming in next 6 months.. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus, DOA 5 Plus.

You're Welcome.

GillHarrison4247d ago

All ports, I think he meant new games. The best game I own on the Vita is Persona 4... which is also a port.

Soldierone4247d ago

So tired of "its just ports" comments. Why did that suddenly become a bad thing? With PSP it was "I wish it could play the actual games, not these spin offs!" Now you get it and it becomes "well its just a port" Really? Do you see these "ports" on your phone? no. its a technological advancement and you can't appreciate it.

and the OP says "needed" instead of "needs" so what Vita is dead now? ....

Godchild10204247d ago

You are clearly forgetting all those Japanese only releases. The Vita has games coming out and where the system needs the most help at, is in Japan.

The year is not even over, wait until next year to say there is nothing coming in the next 6 months.

gamerpiggy4247d ago

Japanese system sellers are usually simply niche titles in the states. Saying that the Vita lacks a big system seller is not putting forth any kind of agenda: it's simply the truth. No one is saying that good Vita games don't exist, but ritsuka is correct in saying that a killer app doesn't.

Godchild10204247d ago

@Gamerpiggy, I never said he was wrong about the Vita needing a system selling game or two.

I was just pointing out that there are more than the two games he points out, that are coming out in through next 6 months.

Agheil4247d ago

Did people forget about Killzone:Mercenary & Tearaway?

Ryo-Hazuki4247d ago

Persona 4 and PS Plus are system sellers to me. Looking forward to Soul Sacrifice and Teraway next year

JoGam4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

Dude stop fishing.

SamPao4247d ago

They need the big guns of those 3rd parties, thats all. The games are great, ABSOLUTELY great! but there is still no GTA und stuff. I DONT CARE ABOUT THOSE GAMES, because for me the VITA is perfect and sony is doing a great job.
but to sell more, they need them..

Wolfbiker4246d ago

There is Metal Gear and FF Type-0 'should' make its way over here.

Maybe consumer ignorance is the Vita's biggest issue.

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sdozzo4247d ago

It's not the number but the type and quality of the games.

gamerpiggy4247d ago

Maybe in terms of the quality of the console, but not necessarily in sales. The DS has, what, 7 games that Metascored over 90? I'm not saying a Metascore is an objective standard, but it's not a bad comparison to make.

strigoi8144247d ago

First: they complain about the dual analog sticks (sony introduce vita)
Second: they complain about price and memory card not included (sony give a bundle with 4gb memory)
Third: they complain about vita has no games(sony gave you shooter,racing rpg,platform,fighting and even Augmented reality gaming..and now im loaded with psvita games and psp that i cant finish
????? Whats next people whats next?? you people seems goodness

oONinjavitiSOo4247d ago

Pretty sure that the people that complain about the ps vita don't even own one. Sure there are some owners with valid complaints. But as a whole the people that don't have one complain and say there are no games. Gamers this gen.....what a joke!

tubers4247d ago

Lastly: They lost again to Nintendo (PSP vs DS)

Wolfbiker4246d ago

If selling 70+ million consoles is "losing" I'll take a loss every time.

Dark114247d ago

The Vita need good exclusives like
castlevania mirror of fate , resident evil revelations etc