2012 Fall Releases are in Amazon's Warehouse

Gamers everywhere should check Amazon’s Warehouse on a weekly basis. There have been sub $200 Vita’s up there recently and cheap Nintendo 3DS’s. But right now it appears some of the triple AAA fall titles are making appearances, games like Need for Speed Most Wanted, Borderlands 2, and Black Ops II.

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showtimefolks2148d ago

never miss a dead visit on daily bases. hitman just released and the deal is out up there for $39.99 at gamestop. its a site run for gamers by gamers.

you can also follow twitter for up to minute deals

Godchild10202148d ago

Thanks for the info. I wish I could add a whole bubble to your name.

showtimefolks2148d ago

no worries thanks. i wish more people would help each other on these gaming sites instead of the blind fanboy hate

Deadpool6162148d ago

Indeed. Very helpful information. :)