The Five Most Dedicated Voice Actors in Gaming

Video games have some of the most recognizable characters and mascots in the world. However, they not only need the trademark appearance, but a voice to match. From Troy Baker to Tara Strong, this is a list of the five voice actors who have dedicated the most of their talent to video games.

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KangarooSam3334d ago

I never thought I'd say I wanna tap Fat Princess. That voice in PSASBR is quite annoying, but that voice actress... damn.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3334d ago

Mark Hamill should be in there.

SeraphimBlade3334d ago

Paarthunax has the same voice as Mario? Mind. Blown.

"It's-a-me, FUS-RO-DAH!"

ExCest3334d ago

I say that Cave Johnson and Spiderman newspaper boss guy voice-actor (J.K. Simmons). He's hilarious, has great emotion, and is even in some TV shows/movies!

Hazmat133334d ago

nolan north is a beast and tara strong love her in Drawn Together!