YouTube videos that'll make you want a Nintendo Wii

The headline says it all really

Click the link if you're interested in the Wii and want to see some cool videos about the system and gameplay

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Shadow Flare5904d ago

a few of the videos are kinda duff but the one which showed how to fish in zelda is really cool. That made me really want a wii (and it wasnt just the sound of the water flowing)

TR0N5903d ago

and all that i managed to want was the girl in the red micro shorts.

Marriot VP5903d ago

great, a group of adults huddling around playing with their wii's. Some of the wives were playing with their husbands wii's too.


ChickeyCantor5903d ago (Edited 5903d ago )

oi really funny dude really mature :) FVCKING idiot

TheMART5903d ago

It's just other gamefun then normal.

Like the drumming thing, that's fun. It's just plain fun. Not excitement although there are some games that will do that, but the more deep experiences are for truly next gen consoles. But this will do for the fun moments, for childeren, elderly that don't know how to use the consolecontrollers normally and parties with friends and some beer.

Yeah I see that thing standing besides my 360 somewhere next year. I'll first see what 3rd party games are coming and probably get it with Christmas 2007