Okami Wii Screens, Video

Capcom have loosened the leash holding their Okami Wii assets back, and today have released a ton of screenshots for the upcoming port, along with some video footage. The video looks as lovely as you'd hope, so you might want to focus on it if the quality of screens leave you a little underwhelmed. Oh, and remember, while there's black bars along the sides in the screenshots, Ready At Dawn told Kotaku yesterday that the final, retail build of the game will feature "full" 16:9

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timmyp534598d ago

Im glad wii owners can experience it.

FAT MAN GO BOOM4598d ago

It is sad it had to close... I hope we see the designer make something else soon...

qohelet4598d ago

This could have become a great franchise... i guess we will have to content ourselves with this gem of an ARPG.
it truly deserves a second life and i hope it will be a big hit on the wii (even though there's no new content i'll still pick it up, just to make sure;) )
if you haven't played it, do yourself a favor and pick it up for your ps2 or wait for the wii version anddiscover one of the best games ever made...

wiizy4598d ago

yeah i hope this game sells well.. im looking forward to playing it.