Why You Shouldn't Dismiss The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

There is no doubt that The Walking Dead (TWD) is a pop culture sensation. The TV show on the AMC (which is based on the graphic novel) has ignited a firestorm in the world of night time television. And the downloadable TWD games have done superbly well. However, the upcoming FPS title has had a lot of negative attention. Here is why you SHOULDN't jump on the "hate train".

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animegamingnerd3006d ago

TR also made star wars kinect

gokuking3006d ago

So did about half the game industry.

ShinraE53006d ago

Well no one is saying they have a perfect track record now! But at least they have a shot and shouldn't be snobbed at yet.

doritos3005d ago

I can not wait to play this, love the Dixon brothers from the tv show.