With HD-DVDs loss, it's now DVD vs. Blu-Ray as VHS to DVD was

Jonathan Schlaffer from Tech.Blorge writes:

" Now that Blu-Ray has won the format war against HD-DVD, it's main competitor will be DVD itself. DVDs came into our lives around 1997 making them "old" in the technology world. Before DVDs, there were VHS tapes but the conversion didn't take place overnight. It's going to be similar when it comes from moving to Blu-Ray from DVD."

"When DVDs hit store shelves in the last couple years of the 20th century, VHS tapes did not disappear overnight. There was a gradual shift away from the aging analog tapes to the new awesome (high-def for the time) digital format."

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OC_MurphysLaw4386d ago

I think this conversion is going to take a lot longer than the tape to DVD conversion did.

chester4386d ago

i would agree if only for the fact that you can now have dvd's that can be up-converted to 1080p. it's not true 1080p, but few people actually can tell what that is. i know my dvds look great on the ps3, and when i can get used dvds for 6.99 and up-scale to 1080p, i'm going to do that for a while before i spend 35.99 on a new blu-ray disc. i have a couple blu-rays, all of which were bought for under $20. i won't spend almost 40 bucks on a true 1080p experience just yet.

hades074386d ago

Another reason why the dvd to bluray conversion will take longer is the fact that so many electronic devices play DVD's, even the PS3 and blu-ray players. With VHS the only way to play it was your vcr, not your computer and gaming devices too.

As for upconversion, I have yet to try it with my dvd's, is there much of a difference for someone with a HDTV because I was thinking about getting one.

Anything but Cute4386d ago

It's been going on for a while, I mean the only difference it, it use to be a 3 way match Blu ray vs HD DVD vs DVD.

And now it's just Blu ray vs DVD.

timmyp534386d ago

but this will be a very long battle.

ktr4386d ago

Actually, its Digital Downloads vs. Blu-ray.

chrno64386d ago

Not really since dd will not take off any time soon.

InYourMom4386d ago

on which no-name blog you are linking too. This one is just ridiculous. The step from VHS to DVD was huge and with upconverting DVD players there is a step but not as great.

whengeeksgobad4386d ago

dvd sales are significantly higher than those of blu-ray and all movie downloads combined. EASILY.

gamesblow4386d ago

Man, some people...

Look, digital downloads are not going to be the norm for 7 to 8 years. How are the poor, middle class and untech-friendly going to get their movies?

Despite what you think or perceive as normal for you and me... It's not for the rest of the world. Blu-ray won... Digital Downlaods are a dream. Deal with it.

Rice4386d ago

huh, theres digital downloads.... since wen? JKZ

Rageanitus4386d ago

dd is a format in itself and its not standardized, meaning adoption rate and awareness is fragmented at best.

Downloading is a concept that takes time nowadays and ppl dont have the patience.

unjust4386d ago

What these Fanboys dont realize is that DD will be the big picture within the next few months AppleTV is coming and you saw what the ipod did for music industry. I'm not saying Blu-ray is going away I'm just saying watch out. People dont want to pay 35 to 40 dollars for a movie they will continue to buy standard format dvd's for good bit. Sony was very smart with the way they pushed Blu-Ray, but it leaves the consumer with no choice, but Blu-Ray. Everyone says Microsoft was dumb for choosing HD but they said they would go with whatever format won.

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Hydrollex4386d ago

CD 700mb is the best !! lol

v1c1ous4386d ago

i don't know man.

i personally see DVD having long legs. wether as long as VHS' reign was is to be seen.

but its far more convient than VHS while still being simple.

and thats what the general public wants, simplicity. why do you think windows has bigger penetration than linux?

its like buying a car. windows is a semi-steep car that you buy at the car dealer and drive it home. linux you gotta build a car from scratch.

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The story is too old to be commented.