BioWare RPG to "tie up loose ends" of Sonic's multiple story arcs

Supposedly, the story in the Dark Brotherhood will "tie up loose ends" from the fragmented events between Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis) and Sonic the Hedgehog (Xbox 360/PS3). Siliconera has more information.

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gamesblow4603d ago

I take it no one will be running fast in this, tedious, turn based RPG???

Sounds interesting, though. I'd just like it if Sega would make a good Sonic game again. One that takes full advantage of what made Sonic Sonic. PSN/XBL download would suit me just fine.

i Shank u4603d ago

damn man. thats a really good idea, putting this up on XBL/PSN. wouldnt cross my fingers for it tho since its sega, and smart decisions arent their strong suit

greenenvy4603d ago

xbox360 is going to totally cremate the playstation free this year.....

...I don't know what the f$%) sony bots are even talking about anymore...

lol they're hopeless........

I think metal gear solid 4 looks like crap im sure it will be a fine game.....

but I just think that, with too human, XNA live anywhere, gears of war 2, banjo kazooie 3, goldeneye: 007 and games like halo wars the 360 has this year all locked up already.........

i really can't wait for those games or for grand theft auto 4............but final fantasy don't come till 2009, and there isn't a single game i can say im excited about on the ps three....yet I can play lost odyssey just about anytime i want and that game rips FF a new one...........

but hey at least its out there, otherwise this would be a boring year....

and I really cant wait for fable 2 co-op and the likes of medal of honor, champions online 360 exclusive...........holy SH%T........

the PS3 is as good as FINISHED this year in north america, its gonna have a real tough time in europe too because these games are going to be freaking incredible................

gamesblow4603d ago

Yeah... um.... meanwhile back at the ranch....

This had nothing to do with the topic at hand, did it?

As for your rant, though.

Sony has so many games not even announced yet. Tears of Blood is going to cripple the world, wait and see. I personally put my blogsite and Gamesblow moniker on the line with that bet too.

Sony's got Eightdays "which has a new name" and tons of other content on the way. Games no one has heard of or seen in near finished form.

KeenanTheSavage4603d ago

Wow! That's a lot of pressure to put on the developers because they're definetly going to have developed for the other versions, or have at least played them because that's a lot to tie up. :)

theoneandonly4603d ago

The Xbox360 is going to dominate this year with little issue, since its not even complete with its surprise announcements.

Sony may not be either, but one can not underestimate the power of being prepared. Microsoft will always have a few unannounced games like Forza Motorsport 3 and Halo Chronicles, since they are always at work on so many games.

And in fact new franchises like Too Human are where its at, as Too Human has PROVEN you don't need a bunch of sequels to sell something.

What I see with the Playstation 3 is as usual it relies on those sequels, and with every guarantee that those sequels like Metal Gear Solid 4 will surely explode sales for their system.......Which is not at all always the case.

Metal Gear appears to be bombing and I would highly doubt, that if it stays all exclusive, that this will sell the system to the level of something like Gran Turismo 5.

Meanwhile, 360 is locking up the entire Splinter Cell game to be exclusive and many, many people now thank goodness prefer Splinter Cell to Metal Gear so the competition is now much more two sided.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves. PS3 will do well this year, but it blew its wad early, and it has nothing as fresh or exciting as Too Human that's guaranteed. They polished that off with extreme care, just as they knew it would sell in Europe- The game WILL in fact be huge all over Europe as people at GDC just got wind of it.

They prepared that game because like Gears of War 2, it would with the right attention spent, be a killer app.

I expect nothing less than sequels out of the Sony camp, and perhaps one new IP. Uncharted BOMBED in sales, say whatever you like about their brand. We just already know that even if metal gear doesn't light the world ablaze, it will sell 1-2 million MORE copies than Uncharted ever did.

That does not put any faith in the "PS" brand to deliver anything more than true sequels, for its hardcore fans. Can't take realism?

Gamerz4life4603d ago

yeah we'll have to see how much TOO human sells. So you're saying that a game about a homeless man wandering the streets of D.C is going to beat The the king of Stealth action game, Metal Gear. lol a homeless man vs. Solid Snake, the fight of the century. Splinter Cell is going to be no different than ASS Creed from ubisoft, except that your going to play a homeless man instead of an Assassin.

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