Play Magazine features Afro Samurai for PS3/360

Scan from the latest issue of Play Magazine. Afro Samurai gets the royal front page treatment. Features some very nice screen shots of an anime game done in a non-traditional style.

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IzKyD13315465d ago

it reminds me of Okami, if this game is anything like the anime, it will be AWESOME!

Violater5465d ago

wasn't this advertised and 360 exclsive

Mr_Kuwabara5465d ago

I hope Samuel L. Jackson does the voiceovers again. XD

TheHater5465d ago

One of the coolest character in the Anime World. I cannot wait to play this game.

dachiefsman5465d ago

I hope the game is as visceral as the anime otherwise I will be greatly disappointed.

The Afro Samurai is probably my favorite anime character....he doesn't say much, but he knows how to lay down a healthy a$$ whoopin.

MK_Red5465d ago

OMG, this looks AWESOME. A great visual style along with rather nice technical graphics. Add the source material and the fact that it's a violent and M rated game along with Sam L Jackson and you have a seriously awesome game.

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