Gears of War 'Chainsaw'

More GOW gameplay, heavy on the chainsaw.

Marriot VP6270d ago

Man this game is looking intense, the chase camera alone makes this game buy worthy.

Gamer136270d ago

It will be the best shooter of 2006 and will be going strong in 2007, its a must buy for me.

TheMART6270d ago

Just one thing to say


Now for any gamer: this game will be the benchmark for the coming time. No other game. Just this

TheMART6270d ago (Edited 6270d ago )

Yup, heard about it, saw it. Looks really great, but doesn't have the feeling that Gears has in my humble opinion.

It's more then graphics, also things like that chainsawgun, the blood hitting your screen, the shoot and cover, just the total concept.

If you ask me so much better then the standard shoot and run FPS, the 3rd person view adds hugely in this game

@ Paul Cerula some posts below (my bubbles are gone, so I'll add it in this message). Yup Halo is great. Yeah the multiplayer is cool, but...

Don't you hate the jumping jacks? I mean, they didn't think of it probably when programming, but there are real damn fine trained 'jumpers' that jump constantly can't be hit almost but shoot anything that walks.

For me that ain't fun anymore. I hope they cut the constant jumping in Halo 3, that would bring back the fun I had with the game.

Gears MP as much fun as Halo? Different genre? Yeah you could argue. Does MS use Gears as the nr. 1 leading franchise on 360? Yes they do. Like they used Halo for original XBOX.

So yeah it's comparable although it's a bit other genre (but still a shooter)

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I'm pretty used to these lists being bad, but this one is particularly s#ite.

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