You Know You’re a Nintendo Fan When…

Nintendo has been a super power in gaming for many years. In most cases you can’t consider yourself a true gamer without playing some of Nintendo’s most renowned classics. Starting with the original Nintendo and working its way up to being the first company to release a next-gen consoles; Nintendo has come a long way. They have been a front runner in the gaming industry by having series that is so easy for people of all ages to love. This is the company that brought player Super Mario and Zelda; two games with some of the largest fan-bases out there. Anyone can sit around and say they are a fan of the company (who wouldn’t be) but the people who are real fans might take their love for Nintendo to the next level. You know you’re a Nintendo fan when…

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TheSuperior 2147d ago

Lol what about if you have looped a garden hose around your back to water the plants. Mario Sunshine anyone? hahahaha


NEW SUPER MARIO BROS U! I play in my Mario undies!

SheaHoff2147d ago

Haha, there are some pretty good ones in there :)

PhoenixRising372147d ago

You know you're a nintendo fan when you actually think it's a good idea to buy the WiiU for yourself when you have a 360, PS3, and a Vita.

BenRage32147d ago

You know you have no life when you hate Nintendo, yet frequent Nintendo articles just to talk trash.

PhoenixRising372147d ago

You know you're stupid when you tell people online you've never met that they have no life. Where in my comment does it say anything bad about Nintendo? Do a better job of attacking me this time please.

PopRocks3592147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )


Well you criticized people for buying a new console. I suppose the word "preference" does not fall into your vocabulary?

It's fine if you yourself are not interested for one reason or another, but don't knock others who are. It's petty and childish.

EDIT: Unless I'm mistaken in thinking suggesting that buying a new console from a person's preferred game console manufacturer is now considered a bad idea is in fact not petty and immature.

PhoenixRising372147d ago

I criticized myself for buying a 4th console. I know the word "preference" too, thank you very much. As the guy below me said, I think i was misunderstood. Thanks for throwing your two cents in though, I appreciate it. *sigh*

deafdani2147d ago

... I think people grossly misunderstood you.



You bought a PS Vita... I feel sorry for you the Wii U will have more games than that handheld in 2 months.

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-GametimeUK-2147d ago

You know you're a Nintendo fan when:

... opening your presents you belt out the Zelda chest jingle
... you have the urge to jump and grab every flagpole you see
... you laugh at the fanboys of today who don't realize what a true console war is
... you played Final Fantasy 6 when it was Final Fantasy 3
... you have named at least one of your pets "Yoshi"
... you are banned from your local petting zoo because you kept jumping on and kicking the turtles
.. you have the lung capacity of a BEAST after blowing into so many cartridges
... you have spent almost half the pocket money you ever received on batteries for your gameboy brick

Ducky2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

"... you played Final Fantasy 6 when it was Final Fantasy 3"

That confuses me to this day since I still attribute Kefka as the villain of FF3.

WPX2147d ago

forgot to mention this one:

...your parents have to get you out of the police station when you shot a locked door expecting it to open itself.

nah, that didn't come out as funny as I expected but you my friend, hats off to ya. Loved the zoo and the beast lungs examples especially. Lol'ed so damn hard at my job when I first read it.

-GametimeUK-2147d ago

Haha! I like it! Glad to have brought a little light to your workplace :-)

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