PS3 reaches 10 million four months sooner than Xbox360

PS3 sells better in its first year compared to competition Xbox360.

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gamesblow4761d ago

Of curse it did... Was there ever any doubt? The xbox 360 is on it's last leg and 3rd year... That means they've got 1 year left before they kick out their next puddle of PIG P*$$ to the public. Microsoft loves those 4 year life cycles.

The Brave 14761d ago

No it cant be!Not a system that has no games and was a lot more expensive.Not the system with Blu Ray that people said was a liability.Not the system that people said was done only months after launch!No it cant be!Obviouly I am being sarcastic.Go [email protected]#$ yourselfs Xbots your days are numbered!Play Beyond!The Future is BLU!

Harry1904760d ago

makes sense,doesn't it?money does not matter so
much.better complain about the price of games.

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Heaven_Or_Hell4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

Not bat at all with his crappy first year (high price, no many killer-ap, etc...)

Let's see how it'll sell in 2008 with all the killer-ap, maybe future price cut, Blu-Ray drive, all this stuff :)

mintaro4761d ago

not surprised, after all sony is a familar brand, and is recognized by everyone who knows gaming

ruibing4761d ago

They have the experience and resources from the last two generations of consoles. Even a bad launch can't hinder them for too long. Stringer managed to do a pretty good job at restructuring the company. Now if they can focus more on software development (Home, PSN, etc), I don't see why they can't tie with the 360's sales by mid-2009.

heroman7114761d ago

hell ya. dude they got 2 generations of pure success behind them. if anythin they know what they are doing

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