Microsoft Closes Xbox 360 Fortress Backdoor to Hackers!

After nearly 1 year of the console's release, hackers haven't found another way in to the so called "Xbox 360 Fortress".

Now, Microsoft has closed that door.

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unleash bass5903d ago

Well that's no suprise, Makes me wonder if the new 'Fall' update won't have something in that will detect the machines already patched and ban them from 'live'.

Silver3605903d ago

This extends the life of the console. What developer wants to program for a console where you can't get make make your money back? Hacks kill good games. Better to pay for your enjoyment than to have none at all. And for those that say games are too exspensive so you bootleg them. You don't have to have the games. It is that simple. You buy bootlegs because you want them and don't want to pay what they are worth.

unleash bass5903d ago

I totally agree, although, I think they are a little on the expensive side. Maybe if they half'd the price they would sell twice as many, the profit would then remain the same and it wouldn't be worth pirating.

PS360PCROCKS5903d ago

Good point about halfing the prices of games, but I am happy their doing this, hackers ruin gaming

jiggajayp5903d ago

That`s good news! illegal games will destroy all of our gaming both ps3/wii/360 if it isn`t stopped!