Size Matters: How Big Is Your Machine?

Curious how the next-gen consoles compare in size when they're lined up beside one another? Here's an interesting little chart from Jason Chen that shows the PS3 (red), Xbox 360 (green), and Wii (purple). Heck!, it even has a cameo of the old school NES (yellow) console.

eques judicii6354d ago

i remember back when the original xbox came out and everyone laughed at how big it is... said it would fail because it was too big... now the ps3 is a behemoth (and weighs even more.. five kilograms!!!)

Captain Tuttle6354d ago

And that's the only reason that this article is even remotely interesting.

Sphinx6354d ago

I don't have enough room for all three right next to each other in my entertainment center! Thanks for the warning, PS3 Fan! :) j/k Good read though, quite interesting!

kmis876354d ago

Well, the 360 does get the advantage of having an external power supply.

TheMART6354d ago

I think it's actually an advantage. If the power brick burns down it can't damage anything else. Second, the heat from the power supply is not in the console. Third, it saves space like we see. Fourth when it brakes down, the switch costs are low with an external powersupply.

Internal one? Sending it back to Sony corp. Charging you much much money and are slow in giving it back. I know because of the PS2 and the drive that broke down...

And the reason of having a power supply that's ugly? Bull. It's at the back of anything that the TV stands on

unleash bass6354d ago

Does any one really care how big they are? Personally I'm not bothered, if I want a new console then I'll get it and make room for it, under, on top, at the side of, etc. the TV. I was never put of buying the xbox because of it's size it was the best available at the time so I had one stuff the size.

Don't know how nintendo have managed to keep the Wii so small.

Arkham6354d ago

2 years after the release date, my early unit finally refused to play or recognize disks, too. I called Sony re: the DRE issue, and they told me what to do. I sent the unit in, and 5 days later got it back, free shipping, with an all new drive mechanism, head, and other electronics fixed. Nothing wrong with that service, esp. after 2 years.

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There were hairstyles in elden ring? Didn't notice as I was too busy enjoying the game to get out my microagression bingo card.

CrimsonWing6912d ago

What’s wrong with character hairstyles? There’s such a variety of unique designs, what in the hell do you want?

Michiel198912d ago

the fuck is he talking about? You're free to become a digital artist yourself and create new and refreshing hairstyles for women and black people......

DragonBuster12d ago

Already done in Dragon Ball Z games.
SSJ3 Goku has the best hairstyle.