Pirates Claim US Final Fantasy XII Leaked

Yesterday, the rumor mill suggested an early copy of the US version of Final Fantasy XII, not scheduled for a release until the end of the month, leaked onto the pirating scene. Given the especially large download size and the need for torrents to grow a decent number of seeds (hosts who provide the files for "leechers" on torrents), however, there was little to no confirmation on whether the files were legit.

Considering only a few days ago there were false scares that Gears of War had similarly leaked (though how anyone would play a possibly leaked Xbox 360 game is another matter entirely), more details were needed. Since then, several sites have sprouted torrents for the game, with a growing number of users announcing it's completely in English and playable..

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Aquanox5907d ago

I honestly believe that gaming websites should stop publiciting piracy achievements, whether they're true or false they only encourage people to find out and try to get a pirated copy of those games, specially for the ones that haven't even been released in such a big territory as the USA.

whateva5907d ago

how many game sites are you on

bilal5907d ago

available at every torrent site...