Why the Oculus Rift Has the Upper Hand Next Generation

"The Oculus Rift made waves with its Kickstarter campaign, amassing a huge amount of $2.4 million dollars before it finally ended. With several of its development donation tiers bought out, and the more expensive ones purchased multiple times, it’s clear that developers are looking forward to what this 3D simulator has to offer. It probably has more development support than some of the current handheld consoles. However, what exactly gives it the upper hand over consoles, especially as we approach the next generation? The answer is more surprising than you think." |

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Qrphe2173d ago

Although I am really looking forward to this device, the resolution is kind of disappointing.

Peekayboo2173d ago

It might be "fun" for single player games but it has a long way to go to be useful

Waddy1012173d ago

I'm looking forward to this a lot, as soon as it gets released commercially i'm going to buy one.

OneAboveAll2173d ago

Can't wait to find out this small device will probably cost an arm and a leg. Woo hoo... -____-

Nicaragua2173d ago

I don't see it.

The hurdle isn't the resolution or the lag tracking, its the "strapping a huge box to the front of your head" aspect.

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The story is too old to be commented.