NEON Engine by Codemasters and Sony

Representatives from British publisher and developer Codemasters have revealed that the company is creating its own Neon engine for the PlayStation 3, in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment.

Codemaster: "Sony knew early on that it was going to be hard to get the very best out of the PS3 early on, so the Japan office commissioned a team in Europe to start devising new technology and tools," said Cheshire. "What we were able to do is exploit something that Sony was developing internally, which we were the first to see – and since then we've worked very closely with Sony. It's a two-way street."

Unusually though, the Neon engine is intended to be cross platform, with Cheshire indicating that, "Sony said that was fine. Sony realises that the only way to make next-gen viable for everyone was to allow everyone to exploit technology". The first game to use the engine will be rally game Colin McRae DIRT, expected on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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zypher5910d ago

if its a way for developers to exploit the power of the PS3 (which so far is roughly on par with the 360...which is a good thing so early in the systems launch), the the NEON Engine can only be good for gamers. cool, if it develops into something worthwhile.

DJ5910d ago

still don't like to acknowledge the "PS3 difference" that numerous journalists keep affirming huh. Codemasters does some great work so the engine will probably turn out well.

Bhai5910d ago

Just look at the target renders of Colin Macrae Rally title based on NEON engine and see what being working on PS3 means...and Sony is sharing this with all of the world, just to promote next-gen feel, ain't this just so great of 'em for letting the tiny little competitive weepers have some fun too...just AWESOME !!!

PS3 Ultimate5910d ago

This is great for Sony, us Sony fans AND The PLAYSTATION 3! The future is almost here!

BIadestarX5910d ago

Don't you get tired of saying the same thing?, "The future is almost here!"... You say the same thing on every post. Do you copy and paste?

DaKid5910d ago (Edited 5910d ago )

You really need to step back, and take a look at your life. What has your life become if you site there saying "This is great for Sony, us Sony fans AND The PLAYSTATION 3! The future is almost here!" I hope you are happy in your parents basement, cause by the way it looks you will be there a long time.

Bhai5910d ago

...your comment is simply pointless and lame, man, if you're gonna say this then its basically for everyone here at the board to have said fan-words for their systems of choice, but never looking at another and only commenting at a good news Sony based information makes you look both biased and stupid...

And by the way, staying at your parent's basement doesn't make you any less respectable if you have what it takes to get to the flight, in the Orient(Asia) people live their entire lives with their parents and pretty much kick the rest of the world's ar$e when it comes to leadership, development, art-appreciation and achievement.

LuminousAphid5910d ago

The future is always almost here. But never quite.

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