LittleBigPlanet planning lip-synching voice chat, filters

PS3Fanboy reports that just when you thought you knew everything you could about Media Molecule's upcoming world-creator game LittleBigPlanet, we find something else that blows our minds and makes us anticipate the title even more. In the latest Edge magazine, it's been revealed that in addition to the emotions and such your sackboy (and sackgirl) can perform, there are plans to lip-synch voice chat. That is to say, the characters will move their mouths in roughly the same way you do (even if not, it's still cool). Down the line, expect stuff like voice filters, too.

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sonarus4834d ago

very very creative. Rainbow 6 vegas had that though. LBP will be a great game from the looks of it. PS3 is set to go in 2008. Last yr ps3 owners were saying just wait till this and just wait till that 360 owners laughed with wait beyond and comments such as this. And so we waited guess they thought ps3 would die befor its time came lol.

FungLip4834d ago

What does Rainbow 6 vegas(a FPS) has any good use of this?

marinelife94834d ago

They are putting some very detailed polish on this game. I'm glad they didn't rush it.

sonarus4834d ago

it wasnt that creative but when playin online coop when you talk thru the headset your lips move. Thought it was pretty cool at the time.

Lord Anubis4834d ago

resistance had this months after it's release.

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jwatt4834d ago

Will this be done through PS Eye?

LSDARBY4834d ago

It will do it though any mic id pressume

Cyrus3654834d ago

Well the PSEye has mic built in so yes, or any other blue-tooth headset, that PS3 recognizes.

Coffin874834d ago

no i think it's an engine that moves the model's mouth in the corresponding way to the sound of every syllable in a word.

ATLRoAcH4834d ago

Every game should have this.

fenderputty4834d ago

about this year then the last is that, now there are more games that I can't wait for lol. This game is one of them.

ISA_Scum4834d ago

Cool. Now beta date please!

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The story is too old to be commented.