10 Vita Games To Avoid This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving weekend has passed as well as its abundance of crazy deals, but now you have a shiny, new PS VIta system on your lap without a library to support it. You might have bought it in a bundle including a game like Assassin's Creed III: Liberation or Uncharted: Golden Abyss, however those can't be the only games you'll play on your $180+ (depending on how much you got it for) portable powerhouse.

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Godchild10204246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

In the title you have the word "Avoid" in it, but show have 3 of the best games on the Vita as the image/header of the article.

I still stand by COD: Declassified. The game is not as bad as the reviews make it out to be, the game is over priced though.

MizzyST4246d ago

I honestly never considered people taking into account the games in the picture as ones on the list.

Godchild10204246d ago

To me, the image kind of indicates what the article is going to be about or sometimes the direction the arthur will be taking the reader in.

It could just be me though. You know the saying ' A picture is worth a thousand words.'

NewMonday4246d ago

i read the headline and then looked at the pic and went "WTF?!"

guitarded774246d ago

Yeah, most people are visual, and having that pic with the headline seems like troll bait.

I agree with Reality Fighters... it's a horribly broken game which should be avoided, but I disagree with Little Deviants, it's a great series of mini games which show off the Vita's feature set just like Nintendo Land does for the Wii U.

Gamerita4245d ago

its like writing about the worst 10 cars then putting a mercedes benz,bmw & audi pics on the title. but i no blame you man because N4G is the right place for these kind of articles.:p

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kopicha4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

agree that COD:D should not be sold that the price it is now. In fact when you comparing it to other Vita games it is also priced higher which is a bummer and kinda show stopper for people who interested to even try the game to buy it. But all that said... the game really isnt as bad as what most reviews make it up to be. At least when talking to a couple of people on PSN that actually own the game, most of them enjoyed it. Also player reviews seen on PSN average out around 4stars across different regions.

Blaze9294245d ago

didn't know the Vita had that many games TO avoid.

sdozzo4245d ago

Those three games are free with PS+

Avoid buying...as you can get them for free (in theory).

Perjoss4245d ago

when did they make PS+ free?

FACTUAL evidence4245d ago

Not to mention, some of these titles are free for ps+. I just find it hard to take this article seriously when they named off some of the best vita games atm.....ah, whatever.

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Axonometri4246d ago

A thousand words is not equal to one picture though...

TheGrimOfDeath4246d ago


knifefight4246d ago

If you want to put money towards the gradual decline of the industry in general, yes, Black Ops Declassified is a great game -- among the best.

TheGrimOfDeath4246d ago

Yes yes I suppose me having so much fun in MP is a decline in gaming, yes. Gaming no longer means "having fun" anymore right?

AcidKill4245d ago

Don't want to be rude but you're being one of those people who just read the reviews and talks shit about the game!
I have played it. It's not an amazing game but it's fun, MP is badass.
Only the price is inappropriate IMO.

knifefight4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

My copy was on eBay within a week there, cap ;)
Activision fooled me this time, they won't do it again.

That's really cute that you made that baseless assumption.


Better luck next time, though :)

It's sad that we live in a world where some people find it SO UNFATHOMABLE that someone could have a different opinion, that they go into such hardcore denial as to believe "Oh you didn't even play it, obviously! Everyone must love the things that I love!" How silly.

GribbleGrunger4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

I wonder, does the author of this article spend his day avoiding the people he dislikes or finding the people he loves? This 'half full' approach to the Vita needs to stop.

SIdepocket4246d ago

Perhaps you should spend your time reading articles you agree with, gramps.

GribbleGrunger4245d ago

How about the games to buy this Holiday Season? Trouble is, that wouldn't be negative enough. The whole approach of the media towards the Vita smells to high heaven.

Ben_Grimm4245d ago

"How about the games to buy this Holiday Season?"

Well Gribble if you avoid the games on this list then you'll more than likely be buying the great games that are offered on Vita right? He's telling you what games to avoid for all Vita owners. Isn't that a good thing? He's not saying avoid ALL vita games or avoid buying a Vita.

You claim to see this "half full" approach but it's you who sees these types of articles as half empty.

Knight_Crawler4245d ago

@GribbleGinger - You do realize that not every game on a Sony platform is going to be AAA.

I have never seen someone dedicate so much time into defending something.

rpd1234246d ago

I actually like Madden 13 a lot. Yeah it's basically a port of Madden 12 with no new physics engine, but it's still the best handheld football game ever made. I also liked Resistance Burning Skies, but there was a little disappointment with that one. The rest I agree with, though.