Hitman: Absolution Update Released

Square Enix, IO Interactive, and Nixxes are making a first patch (1.0.438.0) available for Hitman: Absolution on PC.

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Valenka4212d ago

Nothing about the disguise system yet. Shame.

gninja924212d ago

so the disguise problems are still not fixed? did they fix watever if anything was wrong on the console versions?

bunfighterii4212d ago

What's needed is the console patch to I'd the save corruption issue. It's made the game unplayable as you randomly have your save corrupted and lost.

gninja924212d ago

can't you manually make several save files. or is it just an autosave that messes up wenever. ?

bunfighterii4211d ago

It's a glitch that crashes the game during gameplay and corrupts your save, I doesn't matter whether manual or auto. It's huge at moment, most console players are not happy at all.

It's happened to me twice, the second time I'd finished quite a large chunk of the game.


How IO turned Hitman around, from Absolution to World of Assassination

When Hitman 3 recently changed its name to Hitman World of Assassination, fans had no idea how meaningful the moment was. On the outside it looked like a simple thing: Hitman 3 would now be known by this name and include levels from Hitman 2 and 3 - the trilogy would all be in one place. But on the inside, at IO Interactive, much more was going on.

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QuantumMechanic454d ago (Edited 454d ago )

You mean destroyed it with this tethered single-player campaign BS... And only the first few levels of the third modern game were on the disc! I'll never support this crap at any price-point! They've lost me as a customer.


Reflecting on 10 Years of Hitman With Agent 47 & Diana Burnwood's Actors

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ToddlerBrain795d ago

Hitman is, and has been, a remarkable series developed by some of the best. Some are better than others, but every Hitman is challenging and fun.

Sure, there have been some stumbles and fumbles, but always in pursuit of the perfect Hitman game. The most recent trilogy is a masterclass in level design.


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