Top 10 Video Game Heroes Who Gave Their All

Heroes are not always the muscle-bound, superpowered white knights the comic books portray. They come in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. Sometimes a hero is simply a person who pushes on through unbearable situations to save those they care about most. In celebration of those people, here is a list of the gaming heroes who gave their all. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

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Chuk53717d ago

Lee is one of the best character's gaming has ever seen.

32froshes3717d ago

Old Snake salutes Lee Everett.

guitarded773717d ago

Nathan Hale deserves to be on that list... he went through hell and... well... you know... no spoilers here. Lee is a great character, but some of the list is filler... Nathan could fit in there somewhere.

ape0073717d ago

there are no words that can describe solid snake

ForgottenProphecy3717d ago

Snake was only not on the list, because it was too obvious.

Donnieboi3717d ago

Dont forget Minato of persona 3.

blackstrr4113717d ago

Big boss. Mgs3 nuff said. Solid hasn't done or sacrificed even half of what big boss did

NukaCola3717d ago

The pain of Snake has shown other wise. All give some, some give all. Snake gave more......

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