Universal Goes Blu

At least one of the two studios exclusive to HD DVD is already gearing up to join the other team.

"While Universal values the close partnership we have shared with Toshiba, it is time to turn our focus to releasing new and catalog titles on Blu-ray," said Craig Kornblau, president of Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

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pwnsause5998d ago

Here we go. Up next is Paramount, who's going to return to the BDA in embarrassment after they took a 150 million dollar contract from Toshiba to go exclusive.

decapitator5998d ago

Another good news for the blu-ray camp. Surprising, this year has been mostly good PS3/Sony news since January. And that might go on for a very long time as it shows not signs of slow downs. After all the format war stuff dies down, the games comes to play and Sony have a lot of them this year.

marinelife95998d ago

Notice that Ken Graffeo didn't make the Universal Pictures Blu-ray statement??

I bet he gets fired by the end of the week.

travelguy2k5998d ago

All signs say they made a great business deceision. They sold some HD DVD and made some money, now they can release all those "exclusive" titles on blue ray and make more in addition to the $150,000,000.

P.S. and even if they are how much embarrassment would you put up with for $150,000,000 dollars. I would take allot.

MK_Red5998d ago

Why embarrasment? They got a sweet 150 mil and now are gonna enjoy the sales on Blu-ray. Plus, BDA would definitly welcome them because of their huge franchises like Shrek and Transformers.

Glad to see that Bourne is indeed coming home. The war is OVER.

wallace10005998d ago

Paramount made a sweet deal. They got the coin then changed sides when they wanted to. Sounds like they got to have their cake and eat it!

NEO_X5998d ago

Blu-ray camp: come on over here lil guy
Universal: *quivers in fears and curls into the fetal position*
Blu-ray camp: No really really we welcome you to the Blu
Universal: Rea... Really?
Blu-ray camp: Of course welcome welcome.
Blu-ray camp & Universal: *frolic off into the sunset*

ha ha im such a loser What a great day now that this whole war bull is over !rejoice!

ravinash5997d ago

I have never heard of anyone being embarrassed at getting 150 million dollars.
sure they look a little silly, but in a few months no one will remember and in a year they will be racking it in with the BlueRay sales because customer can now buy with confidence.

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SmokeyMcBear5998d ago

uh is this really news.. i mean cmon.. we already know its going to happen due to toshiba backing out of hd dvd.. its pretty much a foregone conclusion.. so can we finally let the format wars articles die?

pwnsause5998d ago

yea true, but its just funny to mock them, especially paramount.

resistance1005998d ago (Edited 5998d ago )

Well to be fair paramount must be loving it, they got $150million for what 7months of the 18 months of exclusivity plus will now release all the previous HD DVD exclusive titles on blu-ray making even more money

pwnsause5998d ago

resistance100, yea that is true i guess they were the real winners here.

actas1235998d ago

I think Toshiba backing out of the format war was not for free. I think they made a deal with paraount and the BRA and got some money in order to quit now. Otherwise they could have stayed in the race and forced Paramount and universal to keep releasing on HD DVD exclusively which would have killed these two studios HD sales..

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jwatt5998d ago

I work at universal but I never understood why they didn't support Blu Ray, Well it's about time!

Mu5afir5998d ago

If I am not mistaken a portion of Universal is owned by Microsoft, though Vivindi is the major share holder.

rawd5998d ago

I thought NBC/Universal was owned by General Electric

spandexxking5998d ago

good news for the suits at universal means they can actually start making money!