GTA IV for PC in october

It's been a long time since the series was not GTA release on the PC, since the San Andreas Strand early 2005 into reality. According to the schedule resellers, computers will not be forgotten for GTA IV, the title is noted for a release in Europe in October next.

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ktr3894d ago

You can never trust the French ;)

First, lets wait for R* to actually announces a GTA4 for the PC, then make the speculated dates.

Charmers3894d ago

I don't think I will hold my breath, Rockstar's actions speak louder than words. They will only release it on platforms that they have been bribed to release it on. This company has zero integrity any more with a great many PC gamers. It would be nice to be proved wrong but somehow I don't think that is going to happen.

Superiorrior3894d ago

It most definitely will happen, the only reason console-to-pc games take longer is because of the piracy it isn't so much a developing issue.

rushbd3894d ago

if u think R* wont release this on pc, you must be smoking something bad.

BigKev453894d ago

Who cares, if you have it for PS3 or X360?

ChrisGTR13894d ago

LOL. pc version is gonna suck now that the consoles have multiplayer support. on all the other gtas they made a mod called MTA and SA:MP to play multiplayer.but not anymore ?

DrakeMan3894d ago

Don't you think PC will have multiplayer too? It could be even better than console version's have.

ChrisGTR13894d ago

well what i meant was that now that consoles have multiplayer supoort, the pc wont have any advantage like it did in the past with the MP mods. especially with alot of cheapskates on pc gaming who still have 56k

Gorgon3894d ago

"especially with alot of cheapskates on pc gaming who still have 56k"

And what does the net speed you have at home has to do with what platform you use?

socomnick3893d ago

you are dumb man Pc version will get mod support that automatically makes it better not to mention better graphics.

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