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Splitkick: I almost immediately fell in love with the original Dead Space. Within the first thirty minutes I was completely drawn into the terrifying sci-fi horror universe that Visceral Games created. What made it so great was the feeling of suspense and tension, evoking a similar atmosphere to films like The Thing and Event Horizon. For all my love of the original game, I let the sequel completely slip by me into my backlog… until now.

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3952d ago

Why Iron Man Coming Before Dead Space 2 Remake is a Smart Choice

EA Motive choosing to release its upcoming Iron Man game before the Dead Space 2 Remake is a wise decision for the developer's future.

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Dead Space 2 doesn't need a remake. It's already perfect

The Dead Space remake did a great job of breathing life into the original game, but Dead Space 2 doesn't need the same treatment.

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-Foxtrot226d ago

It is but I still want one to line up with the DS Remake

I just hope they can maybe turn the over the top action down a bit and dial up the horror with some changes here and there.

Although if they want to do a remixed remake of Dead Space Extraction with us seeing the downfall of the Ishimura in real time then I wouldn't mind that coming first.

Harkins1721225d ago

No thanks, if they add anything, add more horror. The blend is already fantastic as is. Do not remove anything actiony from DS2. Ds3 is where they can start redoing most of the game as much as I enjoyed it.

-Foxtrot224d ago


“ if they add anything, add more horror”

I literally said this

“ and dial up the horror”

Palitera224d ago

Yeah, but you said it in your 2nd sentence, so it was too much for him to process.

mkis007224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Only reason i love dead space is i feel like a badass even amongst the horror. I would hate to lose the action combat.

I never beat 2 even though i own both 2 and 3. I got stuck and couldnt figure out where to go. something else came out and i never went back to it.

-Foxtrot224d ago

There’s the action combat and the over the top action combat where Isaac goes from this everyday guy to a space marine super hero

I loved DS2 but there’s small moments in the game which set up the direction they took the series in DS3

If they can reduce this moments, make them a little more grounded they can then change DS3 into something completely different

Harkins1721224d ago

Yes, add more horror but don't take away any of the over the top action. I agreed with part of your sentence and not the other.

@Palitera - I said they don't need to add or remove any of the over the top action. It's the perfect blend. He wanted it toned down. So I said no thanks.

FallenAngel1984225d ago

No game is perfect. There’s always room for improvement

Vengeance1138225d ago

Same could be said for RE4 but here we are.

hotnickles225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

I never got into DS2 or 3 like I did DS1. I’m glad they remade DS1. I would probably buy a DS2 remake but that same excitement isn’t there in terms of pure nostalgia.