PlayStation embraces online world

Sony's PlayStation is to challenge Microsoft's Xbox in its one undisputed area of dominance - the online world.

The PlayStation 3 will be "network ready" out of the box when it launches in November and will offer a range of services similar to Xbox Live.

Speaking to developers, he said online games would transform the industry.

Mr MacDonald, vice-president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Worldwide Studios, said: "The PlayStation 3 has been designed so that the network experience is part of the PlayStation experience.

"It is easy to connect, easy to download files."

He said development studios had to re-think their strategies for games releases, arguing that the online space gave them a powerful new relationship with studios.

He said: "But the relationship will only start at the point of sale in the network-centric world. Developers have to change their whole approach."

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Captain Tuttle6269d ago (Edited 6269d ago )

Sony wants to use it's online service for episodic gaming, downloadable content and web surfing. What about being able to play with my friends online and how much will it cost me?

CAPS LOCK6269d ago

thanks for this nice article and others u have send...anyway u wont be charged to play against ur friend or add a friend list, but u might be charged for dowloadable content or maybe mmorpgs like WOW or maybe EVE ONLINE and u might be asked to pay for tracks or maps for games.

Nodoze6269d ago

Um isn't Sony supposed to PROVIDE the network infrastructure similar to what Microsoft is doing, or are they going to pass that off on the devs? It sounds alot like the later. Easy to connect...to WHAT...easy to download files....from WHERE? It sounds to me that the only similarity this has with Live is that they both use A network connection.

The proof is in the pudding, and time is running out. Let's see the network Sony. Playstation Official Online Presence = P.O.O.P.

DJ6269d ago

Sony gives developers the option of either maintaining their own servers or using Sony's internal network. Some developers actually prefer to have full control over the online features of their games, which is why there was some strife from developers over the way Xbox Live was run. It's kind of funny that in order to play FFXI you have to first sign in to Xbox Live, and then sign in to PlayOnline in order to access SquareEnix's servers.

Sony's giving developers choice over how their online services are maintained, and i think that's a great decision compared to the way Microsoft runs Xbox Live. Most games will be free to play online, while the ones we've come to expect (MMORPGs) will most likely be fee based. Technically, you don't have to pay for anything to use the PS3 online service which is awesome.

ASSASSYN 36o6269d ago (Edited 6269d ago )

Devs can run their own servers on xbox-live + you contradicted yourself. You DO sign on to Xbox-live the You DO sign on playonline And you Do play on playonline servers Because you do play on-line with sony ps2 and P.C. gamers. And, as YOU stated most devs will allow you to play online FREE well...You pay once with microsoft and you play 99.9% of all games free on-line. Minus Final Fantasy. And you will as YOU said pay to play some games online on PS3. Only to state "technically you don`t pay anything on Ps3," wtf-Contradiction. Yes, you do pay...as you stated. Think before you type. And please state how this un-associated network is going to work. Remember you can not connect to Ps3 on-line (which doesn`t exists anyway) and then log on to the games server through ps3 online. So what do you do? How do you associate with gamers accross different games like xbox-live. Voice chat, and messages. Please do tell.

nstott6269d ago

Which next gen console will be the first to get a virus PS3 or wii? Anybody want to start a console antivirus/spyware company with me?

drewdrakes6269d ago

I voted lame because there is absolutely no new information here. Ive seen at least 3 other articles that are basically the same.

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