Wii U Vs Xbox 360: Assassin's Creed 3 Reveals The Truth

NowGamer: Assassin's Creed 3 puts the Wii U to the test. Do third party games really look better on Nintendo's new console?

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TimmyShire2980d ago

I was wondering when this was going to happen. I'd say the Wii U version looks slightly better, but slightly better isn't good enough Nintendo...

Dailynch2980d ago

I'd actually agree with that it does look better on the Wii U, but only by about 1 percent. And that's it!

TimmyShire2980d ago

Yeah, it's definitely not that noticeable at all.

Weren't people at E3 saying this would be like the ultimate version or somethin?

DeadlyFire2980d ago

You guys have heard of a port right?

Quality should be minor upgrade if its ported to the system. Right now it just looks like a bit more color and lighting in the game. Just wait until someone uses it as a base platform if you want to see a real difference. Then it should be noticeable. I wouldn't expect that to happen til at least Fall 2013 when some titles have been built from ground up on it. Even if its only minor upgrade from PS3/X360 you will notice a bit of a difference with titles built upon the hardware.

BattleTorn2980d ago


I get what your saying, that we will have to wait for games that are built from the ground up for NXG.

But by then, 720/PS4 are going to be out. And I don't think Wii U stands a chance competing with those systems' ports, by the time they come.

iamnsuperman2980d ago

I actually think graphically they are identical. What makes the difference is the 360 version is a lot darker looking but the textures and everything else is the same

Hydrolex2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )


comparing Wii u to a 7 years old console... and the comparison is not that far.


Wii u is WEAK !

This is not a PS3 situation, when PS3 came out the games still looked 10 times better than Xbox games.

Legend_Killer2980d ago

it's a port to a console with hardware that isn't fully understood. I think it's o.k

Zhipp2980d ago

To be fair, they're comparing a 2012 game running on a 7y/old console to the same game running on a brand new console. It's not just going to magically look better on the Wii U because it's the newer console--especially considering how cheap(and new) the Wii U is.

I really don't know what people were expecting when they heard the price. This system's as powerful as it could be for $300--unless Nintendo was to take a substantial loss on each unit--which, as we all know, they won't/can't do.

Honestly, it is a bit disappointing that the Wii U isn't more powerful than it is, but does it really matter THAT much? I mean, people play the "outdated" card a lot, but it's not like a phone--and to some extent a PC, where you can't use the latest software with an outdated device. The fact of the matter is that the Wii U is going to be supported for the next five years, regardless of it's specs. As long as it gets games that you want, and they run as they should, what cares how powerful it is? If it doesn't have any games that interest you, just don't bother with it. I really don't see what all the fuss is about.

RFornillos42980d ago

coz it's a port, and Ubisoft says they're the same...

IAmLee2979d ago


..Oh you have played on a wii U? Mind if I borrow it..?

dantesparda2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

"Wii U Vs Xbox 360: Assassin's Creed 3 Reveals The Truth"

The truth is that the game looks graphically the same if not better on the ps3/360 and it performs better on them systems than the wiiu. And if you think otherwise, then you might just be a fanboy (and a redneck, lol!)

But the very fact that the wiiu is considered a "nex gen" system (and i use that term very loosely) and it is being outperformed by curren gen systems is both sad and worrying. And i dont wanna hear no crap about gpgpu or a year down the road. I wanna see a reason to spend more on a system now that may be weaker than the current gen systems

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2980d ago

wiiU version basically is better at producing contrast.

Leathersoup2980d ago

I'm pretty sure Ubisoft wasn't about to rewrite the engine and all of the game content just for one console. The only way you'll be able to see if the Wii U is powerful at all is on titles that have the engine and assets built specifically to take care of that. We probably won't see what the Wii U can or can't do until the next generation of consoles.

metroid322980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Wiiu isnt even using the gpgpu on any 3rd party games period when games like Aliens and Project cars ect not to mention lets compare Bayoneta2 wiiu to 360 version when its out then we can measure wiiu graphics as well as Aliens ect.

Ports from consoles that have been getting Engines updated for years basically getting tweaked and tweaked for better and better graphics and a console like wiiu can catch up with minimum budget less than a million dollars on a port that is a slight bit better or alot better graphically ie fifa13/BO2 with much smaller development time make wiiu a very powerful system as all these games are 720p-1080p Native along with a additional 480p image at 60fps make the wiiu even with the ports a very powerful system these games that have been ported are pushing ps3/360 to their limits the wiiu handled them with its slower but more powerful/modern cpu alone.

adorie2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Isn't the Wii U supposed to be easy to develop for? I'd expect it to be much more noticeable on that point alone. I suppose more time has to pass before we see Wii U show what it can truly do in the graphics department.

Keep in mind these titles are first attempts at drawing from the hardware, so yeah... time will tell.

lilbroRx2980d ago

What you notice has nothing to do with whether or not the system is easy to code for. The game is a port. Nothing more

The Wii U has more advanced shader modal and higher DX equivalent graphics support. Actually making use of those would require completely rewriting the game which would cost quite a few millions more than what Ubisoft is likely willing to spend.

The fact that simply porting the game to the console without optimization in less than 6 months can produce a game that looks this much better already means that the Wii U has much stronger graphics.

Jazz41082980d ago

Problem is the first party titles look and run worse then most of these ports on wiu. Could be a very quick gen for nintendo coming. Not psp go short but original xbox short.

Iceballs2980d ago

This actually already happened yesterday when lensoftruth did it. And as usual they did a much better job with their comparison then the wannabees at "nowgamer".

Buff10442980d ago

It's fine for a port of an Xbox 360/PS3 game that Ubi rushed out the door. Nintendo will be in trouble if this happens next fall.

Gamer19822980d ago

Still looks 10X better on my £400 PC :p.. Just sayin..

ConstipatedGorilla2980d ago

Thanks for contributing to the discussion.

1upgamer992979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

You are around 8 right? So. You guys, according to you are around the same age.

krazykombatant2980d ago

yes because Nintendo developed AssCreed3 themselves... not ubi...

AO1JMM2980d ago

"Slightly better isnt good enough Ubisoft!"


ElectricFlare2980d ago

Comparing a port isn't a fair comparison. Thats like saying the PSP is barely better than the Nintendo DS is in terms of power/graphics, etc. Because Final Fantasy III looks only slightly better on the PSP version compared to the DS version. Is the PSP more capable? Yes. Can it make better looking games? Yes. To be fair the devs haven't even been able to fully take advantage of the Wii U (plus Assasins Creed was made with a 7th gen console in mind). People seem to forget that the games at the beginning of this Gen were barely better than the 6th Gen for a while. You cant automatically assume a new system will be able to outpreform its competitors right out of the box, thats unrealistic.

donman12980d ago

@ TimmyShire,

You do realize its a straight port... right!!!

Godmars2902980d ago

Certainly looks brighter.

Phil322980d ago

"Weren't people at E3 saying this would be like the ultimate version or somethin? "

Being able to play it on the GamePad while someone does something else on the TV makes it ultimate to me. I know you're trolling (which is popular with people here sadly), so I'm wasting my time here.

liquidhalos2980d ago

Im not defending the wii U or anything im just stating an observation. The Xbox 360 and PS3 all had very poor graphics in in the beginning of their lives in comparison to what devs are doing with them today. Perhaps we should reserve judgment until the Wii U is given a proper and fair chance to stretch its legs.

That being said i have no interest in getting one, im still completely unsure on which console to get next gen (xbox or ps4)

I hope MS and Sony will release the info gamers need to make an informed decision soon as im bloody excited and cant wait for that new console excitement and unboxing. Im pretty jealous of the nintendo fans for already having theirs

Drainage2979d ago

too bad nintendo didnt develop this game

I_am_Batman2979d ago

I think they should compare it to the PC Version. If that doesn't look much better I'm fine with that. Nintendo Wii-U has just launched so I don't expect 3rd party devs to know the architecture in and out. AC won't sell the console anyway. What Nintendo needs is a blockbuster game like a new Zelda or a Mario Galaxy.

Syntax-Error2979d ago

If people buy a WiiU with these type of specs and puts out games with these graphical capabilities, then why do we need a new PS or Xbox RIGHT NOW? A lot of people are content with the standards as of right now and only developers want MORE POWER to deliver what they want. Do we gamers feel the need for more power or more creativity? To me, if you buy a WiiU then you're only buying it because its new and you're a gadget freak because it's just as powerful as what we've had for the past 6 years. My PS3/360 have tons of life left. I am happy. I cant wait for 2013 because of what's yet to come, so I see no need on shelling out for a new console just yet. My 2 cents

solid_warlord2979d ago

I cant tell a difference, unless im turning blind. If the Wii U is still better, its not enough to grant it superier over a 7 year old console. I think nintendo will become irrelavant 1or 2 years after launch of true next gen consoles from MS and Sony.

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BattleTorn2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

It does look better. But not enough that I won't feel like a idiot re-spending $60, on a Wii U copy.

I've played ME3, Batman, and AC3. But was totally looking forward to replaying them on Wii U.

Now, I don't think *re-buying* the ports is worth it. (I've justified "re-buyiny" before ie gettting both Xbox and PC copies.)

RuperttheBear2980d ago

I'm getting a Wii U and I don't own AC3 yet, so I'm more than happy to buy it. I suppose a lot of Wii U owners will be in the same position.

DarkHeroZX2980d ago

not if they already have a ps3,360, or pc lol

RuperttheBear2980d ago

I have a ps3,360 and pc and I'm still getting it on Wii U.

MartinGlow2980d ago

Such as myself with Batman.

Neonridr2980d ago

AC3 came out on the PS360 less than 3 weeks prior to the Wii U release, so to argue that it's an old port or something is ridiculous. If you really had wanted the Wii U version you would have just waited..

BattleTorn2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

What about with Batman and Mass Effect? Should I have waited a year?

The thing is, IGN's Wii U reviews say you should only get the Wii U versions if 1. You havent't played the game yet 2. You can't get it on 360/PS3.

I've done both of those. #1 Wasn't going to matter to me. But #2 really changes my mind about getting ports on the Wii U.

I'm literally looking for the slightest reasoning to justify re-spending $60 on game, THAT I KNOW I LIKE. But the differences in the versions, some where they say Wii U should be the last choice of platform, are so minimal that I can't find the small justifications.

So far the mini-map in your lap is the only difference. With performance actually being worse in most cases, for Wii U ports.

Neonridr2980d ago

well this article is about Assassin's Creed 3. I am not talking about ME3 or Batman. Although they are both still getting quite positive reviews. It's nice that at least with ME3 you get all the DLC included in one package, however there will be no access to future DLC for that game.

AC3 is the same price on either system, so ultimately it comes down to features. If you really care that much for achievements or trophies, then stick with the PS3/360 versions. If you don't care for that, then why not get the game for the Wii U. I mean you own the system, what's the point of buying it if you aren't going to purchase games for it?

younghavok2980d ago

There is another plus that people seem to be overlooking with the Wii U version... ... ... gamepad. You can either play on the TV, or turn that off, go lay down in your room and play it there as well. That to me adds a great deal. The gamepad is like a corldess house phone. Plus the game looks better, though not way better, that is other console counter parts.

Deku-Johnny2980d ago

It's a port. Ubisoft never promised to make the Wii U version worth rebuying the game if you already have it. How many games are worth buying say the 360 and the PS3 versions?

jonli762980d ago

is the same graphic the only thing is that the shading is darker then the other one thats all

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thezeldadoth2980d ago

so when ports to ps3 looked worse, it was spun around to be a good thing due to ps3's super awesome architecture. When ports on WiiU look BETTER, its spun around to be a bad thing saying it doesnt look as good as it should? WTF?

Neonridr2980d ago

Nature of the Beast I guess. I guess they are saying that it doesn't look significantly better which is what they are expecting with next gen. But I say not bad for a first try port that was probably done in half the time. Remember a few months ago when Ubisoft said that they were going to have to leave out some lighting and effects from the Wii U version because they weren't going to finsih it in time. Instead they polish it enough to rival the 360 version.

mcstorm2980d ago

Well said. The point is this game looks better on the wiiu than the 360 or ps3. They are the same game. People should stop complaining about a port of another game not looking as good as on another console and just go out and get the version of the game they want.

I cant wait to get my wiiu on friday as i cant wait to get my hands on zombieu and mariou.

I tend to get my 3rd party games on the 360 and psv and exclusives on my ps3 and 3ds and my wiiu as of friday but when next geme comes the wiiu my become my 3rd party console as each gen is different.

Enjoy the games you want on the console you want it on and stop bitching about other consoles.

mshope102980d ago

people were saying it looks worse but we know its not true.I don't got this game yet.but my friend does on wii u and said it looks and plays amazing.

I have call of duty black ops 2 on wii u and it looks and plays amazing also.

AlucardFury2980d ago

Personally, I think it looks dramatically better.

AlucardFury2980d ago

Sigh, no love for sarcasm on the 'net I guess.....

bubblebeam2980d ago


I got it. I saw the article the other day.